Sly Cooper

Guess who is back for some more weapon-slinging action, hoping to regain his spot as a Playstation favorite once again? Thats right, Sly Cooper has returned, revamped , and ready for a double feature debut. There will be two brand new Sly Coopers coming out for the PlayStation 3 and PSP.

Todays gamer expects connectivity and PlayStation Magazine reports that both titles will have simultaneous ship dates and are capable of connecting to one another, although details about how that will work are unclear at this time.

Locked and loaded with a complete graphic overhall and gameplay enhancments, Sly Cooper 4, the PS3 title will be shown at the upcoming Min-E3, so stay tuned.

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  1. ps3 is cheap at the right stores and if you want it high gb or not, you can get it at a price for $300 to $400 for low giga bytes(gb) or from $500 to $700. Besises it is worth it for sly cooper 4, sly cooper three is also awsome too if anyone hasn’t played it yet.