This is what we have all been waiting for … a battle for the ages, and the time is now. We have assembled 32 of the finest video game characters that have ever called a console home, and a five round single elimination tournament of speed, skill, strength, and determination stands between them and being named pixel for pixel the baddest that ever was, the “King of the Game”.

Can Marcus Fenix roadie run his way through a bullet blazing, one liner laden, no holds barred battle with the one and only Duke Nukem? Will Metal Gear’s main man Snake slither his way to victory against the Splinter Cells triclops, Sam Fisher? Metriod’s Samus Aran, or the combat evolved Master Chief? The king of cold: Sub Zero or the queen of hot: Lara Croft?

We here at ripten have been working for over two months, researching, arguing, and eating lots of junk food, all in the name of bringing you an accurate account of each characters quest for video game immortality. The results are in and over the coming weeks, you will lay witness to five rounds of sword swinging, scope sniping, chainsaw buzzing intense action.

Below you will find division one of the first round match ups, division two will be up tomorrow. We would love to hear your comments on how you think things should go down and who you would like to see win it all.


Marcus Fenix *VS* Duke Nukem

Sonic The Hedgehog vs Pikachu

Samus Aran vs Master Chief

Alis Landale vs Cloud Strife


Mario vs Mega Man


Snake vs Fisher

Update: June 4th, 2007

Hello everyone,

Division One has changed slightly based on the feedback we received from readers. Lara Croft will now be facing off against “Pitfall Harry” and Ryu of Ninja Gaiden fame will be swinging his sword against Mr. Joe Shinobi.

We thank you for the feedback! To see the division two matchups click here. Check back tomorrow for matchups to start posting to the site in comic book page format featuring the artwork of various artists!

Mad Gamer

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  1. Oh yes, i think nukem will kill marcus caus… well… he is just so much charismatic, ehs so freaking cool! ”Its time to kik ass and chew bubble gum, and im all out of gum…” lol…

    Sonic is too fast fo’ pikachu and…. pikachu is just a small rat in definition, it wont be able to electrify sonic.

    Using items? mario wins the tourny and kills all the boss from all the games at the same time; using the super star.

    Idk this harry, but i playes tomb raider on PS1 and she is a real killer, is so think that Lara Croft pwnz

    I never played Metal gear solid, but i know the fight would be really cool, fisher hiding around and traping snake, snake using weapons back at sam, but i think that Sam Fisher will win, backstabbing snake… enev if i hate backstabbers lol

    ANd for others, never played the game so im sorry.

  2. Megaman is the Best Mario is the Loser I Like Megaman than Kirby Megaman is the Best Megaman can Beat Mario Mario is the Loser Now and Megaman goes to Megaman VS. Kirby the Final Battle and Megaman can Win

  3. Wow i forgot one more thing about the warrior shit… Chief is an mighty spartan a respectful man!… But Samus has a much more higher responsebility why you might ask? Well not is she only helping her fellow mates but she also helps the galaxy.. She is the protector of the galaxy!! at least that is what i’ve read =/ and chief is called “the demon” though hes a simple human cyborg… But samus name threw the space pirates is more used as a curse(swear word) they fear her more then they would fear their leader.

  4. master chief definitely
    if uve played halo 3 then u know he would win
    dont matter if samus can shoot rockets and crap
    chief has bubble shields and deployable covers
    plasmas and spike grenades own anyways
    even if samus is more far advanced, chief is not weak as u think
    his suit makes him stronger and faster

  5. stronger and faster than what? i’ll use your words and say:

    Samus Aran definitely
    if uve played Halo 3 AND Metroid Prime 1,2, or 3 then u know she would win, samus doesn’t just shoot rockets, she does:
    1. every missile you fire locks on
    2. you can fire five missiles at a time
    3. you can quickly sidestep and dodge in firefights
    4. supermissiles, and various beam weapons combinations
    5. Morph ball
    6. bombs AND superbombs(like miniature nuclear bombs) in morph ball mode
    7. SCREW ATTACK (involves jumping into a destructive cocoon which renders you invincible)
    8. beam shots with their various charges (plasma beams, freezing beams, wave beams, power beam, light beam dark beam and whatever she gets in metroid prime 3) i don’t even know her most up to date stuff so there :P
    9. ability to double jump in midair
    10. different visors for combat, scanning (find chiefs weakness) thermal visor (hiding in smoke won’t work) X-ray visor (stealth camoflauge won’t work)
    11. Samus’s plentyful health which is completely insane
    12. and besides all this stuff her suit is designed by an alien race so its extremely light weight and durable. and we don’t think chief is weak we know he’s got all his stuff (you can waste time writing that up ohh vehicles!! boo samus has her own personal spaceship) but fact is he can’t beat samus.

    also stronger and faster (not many people who can move faster than samus which reminds me…)

    13. chozo blood!!!

    now thats a big comment… i think :P

  6. wack fight

    Wow where you born yesterday?

    what the hell is chief without his stupid idiotic weapons? wow you’re more stupid than i thought.. im sorry to be insulting you but what the hell!..

    i mean I’ve seen a turret with bullets and they go all over the visor (wich is stuck on the helmet if you have’nt noticed that) and why wont she die? good god lad… take chiefs stupid helmet off and hell die in secs aswell… plus samus can take plasma shots without her suit on.. i’ve never seen chief even remove his helmet except for that cutscene in halo 3.. he should do it… or on the other hand dont.. god knows what’s behind that..

    so lets do it as you said except opposite..

    Chief would be nothing without his erm… smg or helmet.. or to be honest he is allready nothing if you compare those 2….

    Wow i once again ill excuse myself before saying this.. but some halo fans are so damn stubborn that they cant take the defeat of thier beloved master chief.. i mean you might say the same to me but no.. it’s different.. atleast i can see that some guys could defeat Samus (could belive that megaman as I said before would be a good match against her..)

    Chief is at the level of human battles not in the level of god-like battles.

  7. Author: Anonymous
    Sorry Halo fans, but I must side with Samus on this one.

    He has, as pointed out, far less armor than Samus. And I don’t believe he has
    immunity to Phazon missiles. Master Chief brings up a Bubble Shield? Samus rolls
    in in Morph Ball form and uses a Power Bomb. Master Chief can use stealth
    effeciently? Enter the X-ray/Thermal visor.

    Seriously people, MC would lose. Badly.

    Check… found it in another forum..

  8. My words does’nt count all halo fans.. For example i have friends recommendong the games for me.. He said “Melos you should try halo out ^^, its almos like metroid you might like it =)” so i said what the hell =)

    there ya go a dude that does’nt take this seroius.. plus he can see chief’s defeat.. to the different from others

  9. korey

    Wow you’re more stupid than a chicken on a stick..

    IF YOU HAVE PLAYED HALO3 the fuck with halo3 xD! have you ever played metroid prime 3 -.- Same shit for you now you fr00b :O! x)
    But honestly.. Chiefs bubble shield. Do you really think she would’ve standed still infront of the shield and say “dauuuuuuuuuh” no you twat xD no one who fights a battle does that.. brb

  10. Ok samus would so beat Master chief while hes running around driving some shitty warthog shed do a crage shot and blast him to smitherines plus metroid games are more fun plus plus SHES HOT

  11. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    this is what happens when you play too many computer games, get a girlfriend LOL.

    can’t you blow up a bubble sheild with a well aimed missile? who needs to aim, samus can lock on. besides its what only 3 foot? if chief is behind it, samus charges a supermissile, and nothin chief can do except:

    stand behind it waiting to die

    shoot at the base of the sheild from the rear (low power weapon otherwise he kills himself, and hed have to be close otherwise the angle samus can shoot from is better) let the sheild explode and try to quickly aim at samus and:

    shoot a couple of machine gun rounds, then die

    switch weapons hoping to get the rocket launcher out, and die

    :P go the bubble shield chief!!!

    oh yes and i think most ppl here have played halo 3 even the samus fans its only the other direction which is the problem… none of the halo fans have played metroid….

  12. I have to say. If samus gets all of her fancy weapons then the master chief should get invisibility and an energy sword. Samus wouldn’t stand a chance. She’s all power and no tactics. Chief is ALL tactics. Not to mention if he had a Scorpion tank.

  13. Hey guys.. is there any idea of fighting? Halo fans wont agree with us anyways so why bother?

    and im a metroid hardcore fan so i can’t really belive im saying this ^^ but it’s the same with us fans.. why does the halo fans bother convincing us? we wont agree anyways taht chief will win… We have our reasons and suprisingly some of em have thier… And some of thier reasons are actually abit weak.. yeah i’ll maybe get hated by saying this but Halo fans compare weak stuff to samus -.-… It’s like they’ve never played Metroid.. xD oh and i have’nt played halo2-3 must agree.. But it’s because these topics made me hate the games.. but now they seem awesome xD! Moleman you’ve got to admit halo3 seem really fun

  14. Oh and tyanis.. chief gets his stuff on the field.. so does samus but her stuff or “junk” as some hardcore halofans that hate metroid would like to call it. they stay on her to the difference of chiefs stuff.. You said why should all samus stuf Bla bla bla.. Why is chief given that much invisible agility,guile,strength,speed and stamine xD? by invisible i mean it’s not visible in the games.. only in the books. And i don’t like to read sci-fi books so can’t read that..

    Sure ive said that we should stop bother convincing you guys but some of you say so wierd things.. Yeah i know it’s like an insult. But “why cant chief bla bla” give him that stuff xD we don’t care.. and who know’s we’ve maybe always counted em on ;) Btw ever thought of gordon freeman? he can take rocketlauncher shots on him (with his armor.. and chief has an armor too so it would be kind’a fair) why isn’t he counted in ^^ he can carrie a hole artillery xD haha

  15. lol you don’t have to telll me how cool halo 3 is. i love all the halo games but for the purpose of this competition, its obvious that samus is the straightup winner. how do i know?

    If i see myself playing as chief versus a clone of myself playing samus then the clone would win (thats right the other me, stupider and less game playing abilites, but playing as samus :P)

    i think anyone playing as the two characters (having played both games) would know that samus’ flexiblity in any encounter would force her to be the winner

    i’ve probably got at least 50 + hours of game play in each game (having completed metroid prime 1 & 2 halo 1 & 2 each and having completed some of them twice :P (and some prime games thrice :P) also playing halo 3 to about halfway. so i think i have a pretty balanced opinion of both games and their opinions, so the opinion is balanced but the fight isn’t. samus wins….
    how about someobdy creates a patch for a halo multiplayer leave one character plain old chief, give the other a multiplied sheild energy by 10 (but doesn’t regain) turn all guns for that character into energy weapons except the rocket launcher (even limit the number of rockets to halo levels so down from 255 to about 4) give it double jump, allow for lock on with all weapons, allow them to drop into a ball and detonte mini nuclear bombs (lets even limit this to an area of about 50 meters though it destroys all enemys within the area on or off screen in metroid) and allow the character to kill anything it touches with the jumps, um anything else?

    not actually sure if any of this is possible but if it was that would be close enough to samus, sure every 10 deatsh of cheif he could kill samus as her health would be lowered from all his previous crappy attempts but samus only has to kill him once
    oh and make that character immune to lava and other stuff… did i make my point? go buy a gamecube or somethin and play metroid, OR dowenload an eulator and get super metroid even the 2d version should be enough for you to see what we mean

  16. Ofc i know what you mean Moleman but they wont agree with you -.- no idea why even if those facts stand against em.. They cant see that chief is like a normal soldier on Metroid (you know the troopers) well maybe chief is stronger than them.. but chief is like a Dark pirate.. a small challange but still kind’a easily defeatable…. And halo dude’s proove us wrong after all that stuff moleman wrote… Some halo fans dont even bother trying the games before they complain ^^

  17. yeah the sonic V pika match should be a good one. could be tighter than you think though cus of pikachu’s abilities like double team and quick attack(oh and his lightning) but snic’s got a fair bit goin for him aswell, i doubt even with his abilities pika could match him at speed, when sonic jumps did his spikes hurt enemies or did he just land on them mario style? cus that could finish the pokmon quick

  18. You all are idiots if you think Master chief can beat samus. if you compare the enemies samus fought to that of master chief you would realize samus fought against more advance species of aliens. if she space jump master chief he would be cut in half. She has how many energy tanks and a space ship that could blow master chief to bits. Link wins though his ocarina of time is too good , he could go back into time and just kill both of them when they are babies. So link wins!!!

  19. I thought I would quote something funny from early on in the comments:

    “master chief is all that samus wishes he could be. halo1,2,3 wil kill al others. and he stil comming back.

    all who said master chief couldint make it you suck and you ant a true gammer.”

    My response to this would be:

    “Hey, I know you’re busy being a ‘true gamer’ and all, but I thought I would let you know that Samus is not a HE. Any gamer who’s fit to hold a controller knows that Samus is a chick… dumbass.”

    Samus would win. Superior abilities, weapons, armour, experience and training.

  20. 1. Marcus vs. Duke Nukem huh?
    Well i’ve played enough of both games so personally I’d like to think Marcus has about as much of a chance to win a Duke. So 50-50 chances either way, though Marcus seems to have a slightly better arsenal.

    2. Sonic vs. Pikachu.
    Hmmn, well let’s start with this, Pikachu has an ability known as static therefore any physical contact with him would paralyze Sonic. However Sonic could attempt to use Sonic Wind to cut him up from afar though Pikachu is also very quick making him a hard target. Sonic also can jump as high if not higher than Pika, run faster when full speed, and perhaps if he spun fast enough an electrical attack could be used against Pika. Not to mention all the moves Pika can use. Pika has a leg up i think but only a little. Sonic has a good chance of winning.

    3. Samus vs Masterchief has been argued enough, go read other posts please..

    4. Alas vs. Cloud.
    Well I haven’t actually played the original Phantasy Star in years so i know more about Cloud in this case. But if i remeber correctly ((which I doubt)) and Alas can obtain techniques and abilities similar to those in PSO then I’d say Cloud would have the upper hand, provided they were both at their peak that is. So I am in favor of Cloud mostly because I know his abilities more, bu please correct me if I am wrong. =]

    5.Joe vs Ryu.
    Well as much as I like Joe I don’t think he stands much of a chance, if we are going by their in game abilities then depending on how long Ryu can stave his attacks off then he can win by time, this is because in Joe’s game you start to lose health if you don’t kill enough enemies. Ryu also gains more and arguably better techniques. Let’s just hope Ryu doesn’t get distracted by any DOA girls now. =P Joe would start off with more mana and better attacks with the sword but the more time goes on the less his chance to win, sorry if I reapeated myself.

    6. Megaman ((or X )) vs Mario.
    Ah the TRUE clash of the titans.
    Now I’m going to be as unbias as possible.
    Let’s look at this as one of two ways, the first will assume it is Megaman and not X ((regarding the picture in the line-up))
    Okay, Megaman Can charge his buster and slide under small gaps for a decent distance instantly and while he can summon Rush outside help won’t be included. Mario can walk, run, spin jump, punch, slide, wall kick, triple jump, shot star fragments, etc. Now for Mario, even though he has all these moves in the original games he could get hit once, then if he got hit again he dies. In the newer games he has up to eight hits depending on what hit you. For all you geniuses that say Mario will just squash Megaman, Megaman is made of METAL, goombas are made of… well I’d like to say flesh and bone but they seem to act like they are made of pudding. Anyways you look at it Mario has a severe lack of firepower but has a lot more mobility than Megaman does. So if Megaman hits Mario within 2-3 shots he’d win, whereas Mario would have to hit Megaman around 12-14 times to finish him. 70-30 in Favor of Megaman.

    Now if we were to assume it was X let’s take in all the X games he’s been in. If we assume it’s at the beginning of an X game before he powers up it’s a arguably even match. If, however, he manages to get his armor and all the heart tanks then Mario is more or less boned. Not to mention he could have the saber from X6, or Maybe he could play like in X7 where he could aim in any direction as long as an enemy was there, he can always dash out of the way, do an air dash, climb up walls, use the innate abilities of the said armor and so forth, X is also made out of tougher metals than the original Megaman. In conclusion, Mario really wouldn’t stand a chance. X’s victory isn’t 100% though, Mario COULD win, it’s just not very likely. >.<

    7. Harry V Croft, read the comic.

    8. I don’t know a thing about Sam Fischer. So My judgment would be bias.

  21. Marcus i mean look at the tech difference

    Sonic & Pikachu not sure cuz both on speed but one zaps

    Samus once again the tech difference

    Cloud hands down he almost could be god lol

    Ryu just cuz i like the moves a lil more

    Mario just let him get a shroom then is BIG TIME

    Lara shes a badass girl dominates everything

    Snake hes a Freakin pro for cryin out loud cant beat that

  22. I'm no expert on Duke Nukem but Marcus would KICK HIS ASS. Long range? Sniped. Close Range? His chainsawed, bite sized bits and pieces would be hard to find…

    Pikachu. I hate pokemon but Sonic is just… too slow for this one. If he tried to dodge, Pika would use quick attack and catch up…

    Samus Aran. Chief can carry 8 rockets, while Samus can carry 255. Also, his little bullets would just bounce off of her shielding, while her plasma beam would burn him from the inside out. Even a spartan laser would deal one energy tank out of her 14 at best… Sorry Chief. Its called a power gap. And there's a big one here.

    This next one… I never heard of her, so I can't give an opinion.

    Never heard of Joe either…

    Mega Man. Mario would try to dodge the mega buster headed towards his mouth but he'd be too late…

    Dammit! Another character I don't know… Harry.

    Ok, here's the gist: SNAKE!! Sammy over there has little to no combat experience. Old Snake, there, however, has stealth and combat experience. If Sam tried to hide, he'd be pulled out by Snake's Solid Eye's thermal images. Fisher would die. Snake would go up behind him and slit his throat.

  23. Even a Federation Marine would kill Chief. It's all in the armor: The shielding is so advanced Chief would try to hurt one and the Marine would chuckle saying "that tickles." He turn to Chief and punch him twice.

  24. Okay now i am sure this sight has been abandoned nothing has happened in about a year all the regulars have stopped posting and no fighst have happened so if anyone somehow finds this i tell you know i am sorry that you had to stop working on this if anything happens with this cool but i bet i am the first person on this sight for a while

  25. Hey OperationZero,

    The site is still alive and kicking. The King of the Game however has been on hold for some time now. We still want to do it very much but its going to have to wait. News is still posted on a regular basis though so fear not, you aren’t alone.


  26. Samus vs. MC: Samus wins.

    Old Snake vs Sam Fisher: Snake wins.

    This isn’t my opinion; this is fact (all things considered).