We published a story yesterday (which you can read here) as an update to one originally posted back on May 24th of this year (which you can read here) regarding Sly Cooper being released for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. We left yesterdays update waiting for a call back from the PR department within Sucker Punch Productions regarding the rumors that have been floating around. Today, we received that call.

Ken Schramm, PR point person within Sucker Punch Productions, told us that Sony Computer Entertainment PR Manager Jennifer Clark issued a statement which he promptly forwarded to us via email. You can read that statement for yourself below…

“There have been no announcements made in regards to future Sly Cooper products and there are no plans for the franchise to appear at this year’s E3. Any information that has recently been reported is pure rumor and speculation.”

We wrapped up the call by asking for clarification from Ken, “To be clear, are you saying that the report of the interview taking place is false or are you saying that the game is not being made for the PS3 period?” Ken politely said that he was not going to comment on the latter, however he did say that no interview with any Sucker Punch employee would take place without him being notified, and we believe him.

That said, fans of Sly Cooper have two reasons not to give up hope just yet. One, Sucker Punch is working on a game, what that is has yet to be announced, and two, no one seems to be willing to flat out say that the Sly Cooper game is NOT in development for the PS3.

Stay tuned.

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  1. I think sucker punch should make a nother sly game. I love all those games, and so does my friends. I think sucker punch will make millions if they make sly 4 on PS3 and/or PSP. I have’nt got the PS3 or PSP yet, but if sly 4 comes out, I’m sure I’ll get it.