The Mad Girlfriend

Video games are suppose to be fun, right? Well sometimes they aren’t, at least not for everyone. I’m sure that most women can agree that the only thing on a guys mind may NOT always be what we THINK it is. We wait patiently in the other room hearing over and OVER again “I’m almost done” or “I’ll be there in a minute”. When in reality you could have done a load of laundry, ironed, and put all the clothes away by the time he finally steps away from the game, oh and when he does its more often than not only to utter the words “hey hun, whats for dinner?” Dinner he says … It’s 10:30PM!!

They forget birthdays, anniversaries, where they put their wallets and car keys, but of course they know the exact, day, minute, second a new game comes out. You wake up one day and he says “you want to go to the mall babe?” You think, what have you done with my boyfriend you amazing man you!? Then you walk in the mall and he makes a b-line straight for (insert video game store name here) and it hits you, this is about a game, its not about me. No matter how many times they do it, you still want to believe each time is the last.

Oh and the first time you decide to hang out and watch a movie at home, you approach the entertainment center only to find out that his shelves are stocked with 95% video games and 5% movies! Don’t dare ask “What is a Metal Gear?” because he WILL show you. There is nothing more fun then watching a video game character sloooooooooowly make his way around bushes, and buildings, and Zzzzzzzzzzz.

I guess all of this is really just an excuse for them to act like they are still five years old, come to think of it, maybe they are.



  1. Lets not forget girls are the helpers in a relationship and or a marriage.. that does not say they are controlled.. but should be supportive in whatever the man does.. sometimes this fails.

    whatever.. husbands loves your wives..and wives love your husbands more!

  2. If not true at the very least I think we can all agree metal gear puts everyone in a coma whether your watching it or playing it.

  3. I remember birthdays, my girlfriend hates the mall, I like Medal Gear, and she thinks your article is funny, but hardly accurate in this little bear’s case.


  4. Denise, you should really get into video games or at least take an interest in your husband’s interests. Heaven forbid you should have to go into a games store when you visit the mall.
    I’ve been a girl gamer for near on 20 years now and my husband is a gamer too. Having said that, I’m actually more of a gamer than he is and have probably racked up more time on the couch putting off bedtime and dishes because ‘I’ve almost reached a save point!’.

    I think it’s sad that there are so many guys out there whose wives and girlfriends whinge and whine about their other halves’ video game obsessions… whatever happened to shared interests?

    Dragis is correct – hardly accurate in many a case and I think highly stereotypical.