Wanna get me drunk and take me back to your virtual pad?

If your current life just isn’t cutting it these days, no problem Comcast has the answer. Simply visit this link and sign up for a second life, or should I say “2nd life”. Yep, the amount of people signing up for online virtual worlds these days is a close second only to the amount signing in blood to become actress Jessica Alba’s one night stand wonder man. Poor girl, I bet she wouldn’t have a problem finding a one night stand if she had another life or two online.

Even Sony is contributing to this craze with their online “Home” network currently in beta form on the PS3. If buying furniture for your real house isn’t expensive enough, now you can buy virtual furniture and invite your friends over for a little dance dance on your deck deck.



  1. I used to be a big fan of Jessica Alba but I just read a good story over on highbridnation that really made me like her a lot less. Check it out if you get a chance. Now she’s saying she’s not part Mexican? That’s really disappointing. She’s gonna lose a lot of fans over that.