It looks like Sony is ready to expand the Playstation 3’s lineup of games … with FIVE additional PS1 titles! Alright! Yeah! Why isn’t anyone clapping? Hello?

Oh don’t fret PS3 fanboy, your day in the sun is coming but as for now five PS1 titles will make themselves available to you via the PS3 online network next Friday. The blog site “Three Speech” which is officially endorsed by the six hundred dollar bundle of Bluray goodness originally broke the story and claims that for a small price (we don’t know exactly how much that will be just yet) you will able to download and play: Crash Bandicoot, Wipeout, Medievil, Jumping Flash and Syphon Filter. All five games will work on both PSP and PlayStation 3.



  1. C’mon! When the hell are both Final Fantasy VII and Metal Gear solid gonna come!? Quit stalling people!!!!

  2. I’ve waited for 2 Friggin’ years to get my hands on a ps3 and now i want to play Next Gen games, not that Ps1 crap!!!!!!!! Give me some descent online Next Gen shit, right NOW!!!! ( Xbox360 anyone?? )

  3. 360 is the better of the 2 right now because of the games, when both game systems have the same game, grphically they look the same, sony better hope they get blue ray to take off or they are in trouble, by the way, does anyone know who is winning between blue ray & hd dvd?

  4. streetsweepers,

    Blu-ray is winning. While some companies are offering their movies in both formats, some are not. Disney for example is exclusively Blu-ray. Pros for HD-DVD? They are cheaper and Sony is in the spotlight again with a lawsuit for one of the technologies in Blu-ray (see link below)

    Sony Being Sued Over Blu-ray Technology

    In fact the other day Blockbuster signed to start carrying Blu-ray discs in their stores. You can read about it here..

    DVD Format War: Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD

    Things are far from over, but as of right now Sony and Blu-ray are winning. As for consoles though, Sony is hurting.