Master Chief: Are you sure this map is new? I swear I’ve been here before…

Nearly one year after the co-production of a Halo movie by Fox and Universal studios was canceled, 20th Century Fox has resurfaced to sign an exclusive deal which now names them as the primary licensor for Halo merchandise worldwide, can the move be far behind?

The relationship between Fox and Microsoft predates the failed Halo project as they have worked in a similar capacity in the past on the Microsoft published titles “Perfect Dark” and Kameo: Elements of Power”.

Elie Dekel, Executive Vice President of Domestic Licensing for Fox was quoted saying “Those two games established our relationship with them as a licensing agency, and those conversations continued during the same time that a ‘Halo’ film was in development here.” He then stated that the primary focus of Fox’s licensing division is teens and young adults as apposed to kids, and believes that this reason makes the Halo franchise a good fit.

On May 21, 2007 Peter Jackson, in an interview with Cinematical.com, said that he expects that the Halo movie project will get back on its feet once studios “catch a glimpse of the Halo hype first-hand”. Could that be exactly what happened? It is possible that the big wigs over at Twentieth Century Fox finally got that “glimpse” Peter mentioned and are ready to put the events of the past behind them and give the fans of the series a movie they so justly deserve! One can only hope so. Stay tuned here as we plan to keep you posted.



  1. hope they make the halo movie because i saw the preview and it was tight. the people that made the halo movie will get alot of money cause its gonna be cool. Halo fans are going to like never mind love the movie when it comes out(cant wait)