We are working away on bringing our readers the “King Of The Game” series but wanted to share some early sketches with you in the mean time. Artwork by Kristoffer

There will be 32 different characters competing for the recognition of being pixel for pixel the baddest that ever called a console home. If you would like to take a look at the rest of the line ups you can check them out here. Enjoy.

Division 1, Division 2.





  1. Yeah, well atleast you understood what i meant =) but if you like doing this then i wont be stopping you ^^ have fun mate =)

    btw play multiplayer metroid ^^ it’s not that much of a multiplayer (more like a cheap version of unreal tournament) but it’s still kind’a entertaining =)

    Oh and btw where you from ^^?

    yesterday i wrote my letter 11o clock in the evening but still when i wake up 9 o clock in the morning you’ve allready posted your comment ^.- made me wonder how you could be so active that often =P

    And where did ya get your name Cadre ^^? (my name melos is my rl name) The only game i’ve seen that word/name is on Metroid Echoes =P

  2. Oh and i’ve never played metroid prime hunters ^.- could someone explain how that is ^^ (dled a ds emulator but that emulator was like a raped monkey on a toiled looking bathtub) or if you know a good emu guys please do tell (a NDS emulator)

  3. The whole ASL thing isn’t relevant, but as the topic is dying anyway :P ; I’m a 17 year old norwegian IB student, and as for my name,

    Just to try to get things on the right track again, to summarize why you think Samus is better is for the same reason as Midnightkey267, that the Chozos who granted Samus her armour (and their blood ) are technologically superior to the engineering of the 26th century UNSC?

    (Did you get my reflex argument yet? The one explaining the moon physics? I just want to get that one straight, it explains a lot.)

  4. Oh well, im happy somehow that this is over and btw… Varför sa du inte att du var norsk ^^ jag e svensk (eller alban men bor i sverige :>) Ya know Chief talks alot right? And Samus usually shut’s up (if you count away the comics) Well in super smash bros brawl… she talks… HER FIRST WORDS! nah just joking but it’s actually bout time… even if her voice actor is abit fishy or funny. She talks (when you taunt) she says “is that all” and try me.. though nintendo made her too much “Yeah im a girl! suprised little boy?” that’s why it’s abit ridiculous.. i know this was off topic but metroid fans might like it =)

    And Cadre.. You’ve made me like Halo ^^ Again.. i did like it before my favourite char got in conflict with him but now i dunno.. you made me like him xD.. Oh and the reason i became a metroid fan is also ridiculous… i thought “hmm what game should i make myself a fan to..” and well i ususally played metroid and won it over and over again

    (my time.. 6:59 later it became 5:30 then it became 4:10 and stayed there for 3 times. then it became 2:59… talk bout luck..)

    *cough* off topic again.. But Moon physics, is it that chief jumps high? cuz i might also understand why the monster fly to hell when you blow em away xD

    But is it meant to tell peeps that chief jumps high ^.-?

  5. (Hyggelig å se en fra norden iblant ^^)

    Ok, the point is that the so-called “moon-physics” is in fact an example of Master Chief’s reflexes. It is not that thing’s actually happen like that (would be strange if there was moon-physics on earth, where you play quite a bit), it is because chief thinks and senses at such a rate, that everything appears to move slowly (he even remarks upon this in fall of reach, when he picks up a pin, drops it, and concludes that is falling too slow, even though the gravity setting is correct). It is because of his strength he jumps high (and hurls enemies far). The high jumping and time dilation adds up to the impression of the moon-physics.

    So to sum up, fighting in the Halo universe isn’t any easier, it’s just chief that makes it look like it xD

    I’m glad that I made a positive impression of chief ^^

  6. Yeah, i admire peeps like chief.. Why? Well he acts it cool.. He does’nt seem weak or anything (even if i yapped about it earlier) but now lets think gamie and not fighty =) But I love Samus cuz she’s like “I can play with the pirates (further on when you become stronger) and chief’s the same (when you get the grip of your mouse or if you get a better gun) That’s why i love those games xD (Hidden ftw -CSS mod-)

  7. You can mock the enemies in the game when you really know the games.. Splintercell ftw xD chaos theory especially.. why? well you can make em paranoid.. as said Play with em >=)! xD right ;D