crysis_cover.gifImagine, you hunt down your enemy as he runs rampant through the jungle. How do you find him? In a traditional first person shooter, if you didn’t see him run by you then it won’t be easy.

But what if there was a game that would allow you to see what you could never see before. The moving blades of grass, the branches on the trees swaying from recent contact, and the fresh set of prints in the mud that will ultimately lead you to your prey. It does exist, the engine is CryENGINE 2 and the game is Crysis for the PC.

There there now, you are in the company of friends and there is no shame in crying tears of joy. If it makes you feel better, we will look the other way for a moment. You ready to go on? Great.

Crysis is brought to us by Crytek (developers of Far Cry) and will be published by Electronic Arts.


The year is 2019 and the plot is pure sci-fi as gamers take on the role of a US Commando fighting for the future of mankind against an invasion of “hunters” (an advanced extraterrestrial army who hitched a ride to earth hidden inside a giant asteroid).

Every earth saving commando needs armor and the “Nanosuit” (shown on the Crysis video game cover above) is much more than a protective coating. When combined with your characters mutated DNA you will be able to run faster, jump higher, hit harder, and demolish would be obstacles in your way.

Ever wish you could walk into the line of fire and laugh at every bullet that tries to take you down? Jump off a massive cliff and live to tell about it? Well applying the Nanosuits “tough armor” mode will allow you to do just that. There is of course a trade off for each specific mode. The tough armor mode for example slows down the speed of your character.

The full lists of modes are as follows:

  • Speed mode: Make everyone else look like they are standing still as you run, jump, and reload like a soldier on speed.
  • Strength mode: Unbelievable strength allows you to smash, stomp, and throw anything that dares get in your way.
  • Cloak mode: Experience what we like to call “Predator mode” as your suit becomes transparent helping you blend into your surroundings.

Right about now you are probably thinking “With all of that at my disposal there is no way anyone or anything could ever defeat me!”

Think again because the extraordinarily intelligent and freakishly powerful enemies in Crysis are some of the most compelling enemies a first person shooter has ever seen.

crysisa.jpg crysisb.jpg crysisc.jpg
crysisd.jpg crysise.jpg crysisf.jpg


If online action is what you are craving, Crytek has you covered there as well with up to 32 players playing all the modes you have come to expect including; Deathmatch, Team Deathamatch, and Capture The Flag. But the action doesn’t stop there. Developers have added a fourth mode called “Entitled Power Struggle” which pits two parties up against each other commandeering factories and manufacturing “special weapons” to destroy the other parties base.

[flv width=”440″ height=”330″][/flv]

Crysis is a first person shooter with an immersive storyline set in a dynamic world where everything from enemies to earthquakes pose a threat to your character. So prepare yourself for an experience truly unlike any other as this game aims to be the best of its kind.

Minimum Requirements
CPU: Athlon 64 3000+/Intel 2.8ghz
Graphics: Nvidia 6600 or ATI X1600 – Shader Model 2.0
Internet: 256k+
Optical Drive: DVD
Software: DX9 with Windows XP / Vista

Recommended Requirements
CPU: Dual-Core CPU (Athlon X2 / Pentium D / Core 2 Duo)
Graphics: Nvidia 7800GT or ATI X1800XL Pro (SM 3.0)
RAM: 1.5GB+
Internet: 512k+ (128k+ upstream)
Optical Drive: DVD
Software: DX9 with Windows XP / Vista

Update: 6/24/07 – 11:00AM EST is reporting the release date as Septembe 11, 2007. With Halo 3 also coming out in September, it appears that both console and PC gamers will be in for an action filled month of gaming.

Update: 7/15/07 – 3:13PM EST
We have uploaded our E3 07 – Crysis Hands On Video.




  1. There are two things in this article; words and pictures both of which you missed. For starters the most important words were: “The moving blades of grass, the branches on the trees swaying from recent contact, and the fresh set of prints in the mud that will ultimately lead you to your prey.”
    Secondly as far as the pictures go, do those look anywhere close to crackdown? Have you ever seen what crackdown looks like?

  2. monopoly funded propaganda, M$ and Intel. the game was made to force you to upgrade. will not be buying this or supporting these companies.

  3. CREEPY,

    So your theory is that Microsoft, Intel, and Nvidia executives got together and said “people are not going to upgrade unless we get Crytek to develop a new FPS”. I would comment but I think Microsoft and Intel bugged my office.


  4. Too much propaganda.
    What you failed to add is the fact that the software to run this game costs a fortune.

    Also, what if I have AMD/ATI?

    Is the game optimised to run on that too?

    PC is not a goddamn console. You either make it compatible to all software or go …
    make games for XBOX or sth. It would probably look better.

  5. TmP,

    The “software” to run this game is $49.99. You are correct, the PC is not a console and PC gamers are familiar with the fact that software made for a PC has requirements which are set by the developer for this very reason.

    PC owners will upgrade, and when they do they will want games that take advantage of their new system’s capabilities. If Crytek didn’t partner to create this game someone else would have. The demand will be there whether you will be or not.


  6. I support Mad gamer 100 percent. That was a funny comeback with the bugging office thing. Anyways – for you idiots that have not heard of crysis or seen what it is capable of – go to and type the word “Crysis” and watch a couple videos. This game is remarkable and will be the greatest FPS out for a very long time. and if you can’t support its minimum requirements, then I think it is time to upgrade anyways and get out of the dark ages.

  7. So what your saying is that they should never make games better then they are now because you’ll need to actually upgrade your PC to play on it. And if it’s not compatable with older-hardware systems then it’s no good?

    Dude if the game companys thought that way we’d all still be playing Tetris and Doom would have been the last of the multi-player FPS.

  8. Minimum requirements of an AMD 3000 and an Nvidia 6600 video card, this is 3 year old technology. You could built a machine for less than the price of an xbox if you had to.
    From what I’ve read, Crysis will scale so that older hardware can run it pretty well. Sure you’re not going to get all the newest shader technologies, but it will still run.
    Besides, this is not the first game to come out that made people want to upgrade their machine in order to play it, look at when HL2 came out.
    This is game is the only reason I’ve got a copy of vista running on my box and a DX10 video card.

  9. a fortune? i work part time and afforded my amd x2 4200 , nividia 7900, 2gig xms ram and m32n mb for under 800 on newegg, and this was last year.
    thats actually a lil more than recommended requirements

  10. They keep saying “Vista” this, and “Vista” that. All I have seen with each iteration of Windows is more bloat. The game will probably lock up a lot and lag. Personally, moving blades of grass and a little window shaking just doesn’t do it for me. I didn’t see an immersive gaming experience there.

  11. @Jared
    How do you find that odd? this year septmeber 11th is on a Tuesday, the day that movies and games are usually released on. Yes semptember 11th is a sad day but we can’t change the flow of things in remembrance.

  12. streetsweeperz,

    An article on published in 2006 states the following…

    “Diemer was quoted as saying that “next generation consoles like the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 do not offer the sufficient power”

    That said, we just shot an email off to our PR contact at EA with your question. Soon as we get a reply we will let you know.


  13. what’s the release date on all pro also what is e3 now. are the still showing games, or is it Just for developers to talk about developing?

  14. I WANT TO play crysis on my 360 i don’t play games on pc because i am cheap, and don’t feel like upgrading once a year to handle the specs

  15. This game really will destroy Halo 3. I highly doubt it’ll outsell it, (what with the worldwide buzz of Halo), but it looks to be far superior. I also got my PC just so I can play this.

    Has Crytek ever a game that isn’t based on a remote island? It seems like they are all spawned off of Far Cry, (which is nothing to be ashamed of).

  16. crap.

    how can you use slow-mo mode against others in real-time?

    this doesn’t make sense and would not work in any multiplayer game

    this is just a marketing article, and this game will NEVER be as good as halo – email me and i’ll paypal you $100 bux if it outsells halo3

  17. Of course halo is much more likely to outsell – it appeals to a much larger audience, is very noob-friendly, and is the flagship title for X360 atm. Crysis is much more innovative both technologically and gameplay wise than Halo 3, and besides, Halo 3 is simply a massive fix of what the ruined in Halo 2, with a new plot. Nothing new there but the obligatory weapons, vehicles, and maps.

  18. Well, I don’t know about the console-worshipers, but I am more than willing to shell out whatever dough it takes to make this game as beautiful as it is capable of. I already have the demo, and even though my current system barely fits the minimum (including a less-than minimum graphics card; an ATI X850-series), it is visually astounding. The claimed scalability is absolutely correct: even on my system, though I must use the lower settings, the game is smooth, responsive, and richly detailed.

    The gameplay is on par with the graphics, with lethally realistic AI and physics. The non-linear gameplay gives you extraordinary freedom in how you play the game; I have played through the demo half a dozen times, and each time it is almost like a whole new experience. The nano-combat suit opens up whole new areas of gameplay. I give it a double thumbs-up for the “fun factor”; definitely worth every penny!

    I always expect great things of CryTek, but Crysis has taken the power of PC gaming to a whole new level. I fully expect this game’s engine to become the new standard for the entire industry; the flexibility demonstrated by just the demo is more than enough to attract any modder’s interest, not to mention CryTek’s competition, who will undoubtably be scrambling to catch up to this game’s level. If the Sandbox editor turns out as simple as CryTek says it is, I also expect this game to become as popular with the modding community as Half-Life.

    As for what others have said above, I seriously doubt that there will EVER be a port for the X-box 360, simply because that system could never hope of handling the system requirements. Crysis is first and foremost a PC game, and unless the major console companies quickly develop a super-powered system that can support this game, Crysis will likely remain in the realm of the more powerful PC for some time.