rip_e31.jpgThe other day I had a dream that I was a kid again, just hanging out watching Sesame Street, everything was great. As the show came to an end The Count said this episode was brought to us by … you guessed it, the letter “e” and the number “3”.

Never before has one letter and one number brought one so much pain to so many, but one company is trying to change all that … Gamecock Media Group presents the E3 Funeral and Wake (celebration) of Originality, 4:20pm Friday the 13th.

Join your friends, colleagues, and unemployed booth babes in mourning, for a final goodbye to the magical beast that was E3, and a wholehearted welcoming for the resurgence of independence, originality, and creativity to come.

Meet at 4:20 at the EIEIO World Headquarters, Hotel California (1670 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica). Marching procession to begin shortly thereafter…

Very special guest eulogies, music, and good times, flavored with Gamecock’s own secret sauce.



  1. Screw E3, They had something great, something that made us gamers look like games are the real deal…..