I predict that Capcom will shed 1.8 million tears in 2007…

Kazuhiko Abe, Capcom’s Director and Managing Corporate Officer stated in his keynote speech at the company’s 2007 Fiscal Year results meeting that the title “Devil May Cry 4” is projected to sell a tear jerking 1.8 million copies worldwide. Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition is expected to sell 420,000 copies worldwide and Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles is expected to sell 620,000 units. With that said it appears that Capcom is putting alot of stock in the success of Devil May Cry 4 as it’s projected sales numbers are nearly triple the amount of the Umbrella Chronicles.

Lets look at the history of the title. Three iterations of the game have been released, and while one (Devil May Cry 2) sold over a million copies, another was a complete flop. Can Devil May Cry 4 send Capcom executives shedding tears of joy in 2007? Being that the title will be released on multiple platforms, we do believe that it stands a very good chance of establishing itself as the most profitable installment of the series to date.