You take your racing simulation experience seriously. You spent a couple of grand on your in home uber high end video game racing setup and you walk around your house feeling pretty high and mighty about it. Well good, you should, but all that is just the beginning.

If you can’t afford the ultimate driving experience, then you surely will not be able to swing the ultimate “virtual” driving experience. The M3 simulator, on display during a recent BMW press event, combines simulation technology with real world BMW engineering. How does it work? Well, the computer generated simulation is projected onto the car’s inner windshield and dash via an on board projector which is integrated into the back seat of the vehicle.

You shift gears, turn the wheel sharply, and the car reacts accordingly. Grind the clutch and a BMW official will politely ask you to exit the vehicle … kidding of course, although they may.

The cost for all this high tech leather scented goodness? Over $100,000 without the added simulation enhancements. Check out the video below.

[flv width=”440″ height=”330″][/flv]

Source: AutoSpies