If any of you gamers are fans of the show Heroes on NBC you may remember that in the beginning of episode 18 Jessica and Micah are playing a game on the Playstation 3.

That game is none other than the PS3 exclusive title “Heavenly Sword”. Well according to the Playstation Underground Newsletter the demo will be hitting the Playstation Network soon.

[youtube width=”425″ height=”335″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPk-5Ilv1SM[/youtube]

Just how soon is soon? Well, ThreeSpeech.com claims that the demo will be on the European PSN this Thursday July 26th and IGN got word from Sony that all territories are scheduled to receive the game at the same time.

So it appears that a game once reserved for “Heroes” will now be available to the rest of us this Thursday via download on the Playstation Network — no matter where you live.


  1. It’s great to finally get some hands on time with this game! I wonder how long it will take for people to master every combo and attack the demo has to offer?