Circuit City’s Sunday flyer states that if you purchase any two Xbox Live accessories ($19.99 and up) you’ll save $20 on the purchase. This means thrifty gamers can get 3200 MS points (valued at approximately $40) for around $20 bucks. So, shower when you get back, we won’t tell … you’re welcome.

Update: 7/29/07 – 9:35PM
Many sites are reporting that Circuit City has issued an update stating that the offer was a mistake and that you must purchase the Elite system in order to take advantage of the savings on the accessories. Cashing in on this offer is going to be a two step process.

First, we went to 2 different locations and got both managers to honor the listing in the ad. They will at first tell you that they believe it is with the purchase of the system, at that point if you are calm and state that you drove a good distance for the item and present a copy of the ad you should be fine.

The second part is that both locations had none in stock, however we were able to get the manager to order them for us at the discounted rate listed in the ad. We paid for the items right then and there and will be able to pick them up when they arrive. You may have to wait a few days but it will be worth it.