Now I have nothing against the WSVG, in-fact I am all for it, but this marriage just seems very odd.

Today at 12:00 PM CBS will be airing a 1 hour special from the World Series of Gaming. In the past other television stations like SpikeTV, USA, G4TV, and even ESPN have aired parts of it or discussed it. However, this marks the first time you will be able to see it on one of the 4 major broadcast stations.

Normally at this time you would be watching exciting sports events such as Golf, Tennis, or Woman’s basketball, but CBS decided to go with the Word Series of Gaming. That alone must have not been enough for them though, because they felt the need to add some “eye candy” to the event … literally.

This eye candy includes superimposed Health Bars and explanatory boxes. And to make the games more interesting they added play-by-play announcers from TRL.

During this 1 hour “special” three games will be shown: A modified version of Guitar Hero II where showmanship is factored in (think ZZ Top), Fight Night Round 3, and World of Warcrap Warcraft: Burning Crusade.

Oh and to make the gamers try extra hard they are all going to be playing for a piece of a $90,000 pot.