Videogame football doesn’t reschedule for no stinkin’ tornado…

It’s been a feature long imagined since consoles first connected to the Internet, but now the latest version of NCAA football from EA Sports will actually change the virtual field conditions according to the real-world weather outside.

The Weather Channel Interactive is making NCAA 08 the first sports game to use real-life weather data at each stadium to affect conditions in the game, from snowfall to heavy winds. The game is available on PS2, PS3, Xbox, and Xbox 360, and we imagine that this feature will work on every console except the offline PS2.

It’s a nicely added touch, and real-world data like this may become more common in future games, but you can still turn this feature off if you choose to stick with a simulation.

As cool as this is idea is, it’s still been reported elsewhere that the 360 version of NCAA 08 runs at a silky smooth 60 frames per second, and the PS3 version is left behind at 30 frames per second. Unless there’s a blizzard or hurricane going on, that’s the kind of thing that will keep players from really getting “in the game”, as EA likes to say. NCAA 08 is in stores now.