bestdealever.jpgFor a limited time only – Act Now – But wait there’s more

If you listen to The Mad Gamers tip and apply the following, you can save around $350 on a PS3, some movies, a few games and/or accessories. Here’s how.

1. Go to and sign up for a Sony Style Credit Card to get $150 in credit for your purchase of over $299 (Offer Ends September 30th). See post for more details.

2. When the new 80Gb Motorstorm PS3 bundle goes on sale (August 13th) for $600 buy it at You get Motorstorm for free, regularly a $60 value.

3. Go to and send in your form for 5 free blu-ray movies, a savings of roughly $140 (Offer Ends September 30th).

So you pay $600 + shipping & handling and you get an 80Gb PS3 that plays Blu-ray movies, Upscales DVDs, and plays games; a copy of MotorStorm; 5 Blu-ray movies after a mail-in offer; and $150 credit from Sony to spend on accessories or use towards your purchase of the PS3 at SonyStyle (after 8-12 weeks)… what are you waiting for? The PS3 80Gb launch date — that makes sense.


  1. The Xbox 360 is a better choice. I dont want to spend alot of money even if its 450 on a console that has no games and has a blu ray drive which I dont want. If the PS3 didnt have a blu ray drive and was $399, then Id buy it, but for right now, the Xbox 360 is a clear answer..

  2. Michael

    the x360 is a garbage console. X360 is now the least selling console in the world and has 100% defective rate.

    x360 has no wifi
    no HDMI 1.3 support
    no next gen Blue Ray player.

    x360 has no games…the only game it had is now on PC–GEARS.

    x360 should have cost just 200$

    plus dont forget ps3 has stellar lineup this fall with Heavenly Sword,Ratchet and Clank, Unreal Tournament , Haze,Lair, Warhawk, GT5 and Uncharted

    vs cartoon GALO 3 and cartoon Mass effect.

    Dont forget FF13,MGS 4, GOW3,WKS are all ps3 exclusives

  3. wasim, stop hating on MS. X360 is where it’s at right now. I own both PS3 and the X360. Yes, I’m looking forward to Haze and Unreal Tournament 3 for PS3, but MS has Bioshock, Halo 3, Mass Effect, PGR4. GTA IV (in 08 2 exclusive episodes ) PSN can’t touch Xbox Live. We will see with PS3’s home…

  4. The Xbox 360 is a better choice?? Looks like Micheal needs to read some more reviews and news. Days of 360 is gone. Plus it is 100% defective, yes … your 360 is going to blow in flame someday. Let us know when it does.

  5. bigkev. for starters i will say bioshock is now on the ps3 as well.
    to micheal, your just a closed minded idiot who must be afraid of change, blu ray is the future of gaming and movie watching. people said dvd players were uneeded in the ps2, look how that worked out. also you think your spending alot of money, but for something that is lb for lb tenfold better then the 360. its got less games, but it does have alot of good ones out right now. more to come. ps3 will wreck the 360 soon enough