“Kill ya nine times before ya hit the ground”

Pause, rewind, and slow motion — these aren’t just features on your VCR, in the new game “TimeShift” from Sierra and Saber Interactive, they are weapons.

In the not too distant future a Colonel Michael Swift (get it?) signs up for a government time travel program after the death of his daughter. Using a machine called the Chromonicon and a full body suit that allows him to manipulate time ironically named the Quantum Suit (get it?).

Mr. Swift travels to early 1900s. Well that’s fine and dandy but when he returns he finds that the government that sent him back has changed into a Fascist regime. You get one guess as to who is on their most wanted list. Now Swift must return to the past to set things right in the present.

TimeShift is like any other FPS game, in that you can still take pleasure in shooting the bad guy in the face, but with the Quantum Suit you can bend time around, changing only the world around the suit leaving you unchanged by the time shifts.

You slow time allowing you to dodge bullets, avoid explosions, and take out entire squads of enemies with very little effort. Of course, you could just pause time, walk up on an enemy take his gun from him, shoot him or melee him to death. You can slow rewind time to a point where the enemy hasn’t seen you yet, or to when a recent obstruction that’s blocking your path wasn’t there.

With timeshifting abilities this FPS leaves you with some very interesting tactical advantages. Sneak, recon, or flat out devastate anything that stands in your way — the choice is up to you.

To be released Oct 30th 2007 for PC and XBOX 360