Creative advertising 101. In an effort to beef up their gaming coverage, Playboy Magazine will be running the following advertisement/interview with Kane of the upcoming Kane & Lynch video game. The piece will be titled “A candid conversation with a convicted killer about a final assignment that left 25 dead and why he looks forward to his own execution”.

You gotta’ give it up to the individual(s) who thought this up, as it kills two birds with one stone, acting as an advertisement as well as giving readers a glimpse into the character, ultimately reinforcing the brand.

After all, brand awareness is huge in an era where games cost $60 a pop and the competition is stiff.

Playboy: Do you deserve to die?
Kane: That’s what the judge said.

Playboy: Do you feel guilty for your crimes?
Kane: I’m about to put on an orange jumpsuit and get on a bus with barred windows. I sure as hell am not innocent. I acknowledge the pain I’ve caused. But I’ll be honest and say that I’m not really feeling much anymore. You get numb as the years go by.

Playboy: How do you want your family to remember you?
Kane: [Pauses] I don’t want them to. It will be easier that way.

Playboy: Are you saying your family isn’t important to you?
Kane: I’m saying my family is important to me. That’s why all they need to remember about me is that I was sorry tat I left them when they needed me the most. I’d do anything to make that up to them.

Playboy: You sound as if you’re looking forward to your execution.
Kane: That’s what prison food will do to you. [Smiles] Not everything you’ve heard about me is true. Most of it is. By now, dying is the easy part.

Playboy: You’ve been linked with high-profile heists, bank robberies, and murders around the world. Was it hard to go to work every day?
Kane: In the beginning, yes. But I’ve never had the choice not to go–I’ve never had the opportunity to return to a normal life. I lost that privilege a long time ago. But yes, I did enjoy the money.

Playboy: Tell me about The 7.
Kane: [Smiles] Is that your lucky number?

Playboy: Or an international criminal organization that is believed to have stolen more than $14 billion in the past 20 years, leaving hundreds dead in the process. It’s also rumored that The 7 is the only group to have ever successfully broken into the United States Treasury.
Kane: You think you know a lot of things, don’t you? [Pauses] There is no 7, not [cut off of advertisement]

Three additional caption/quotes that appear below three photos just under the interview above…

“I have been waiting my entire career to meet a member of The 7. I am surprised to see the clear intelligence in Kane’s eyes. He is not crazy. He is relaxed and almost humble. That makes him even more frightening.”

On the smoking: “Kane smokes an entire pack in 10 minutes. I ask him why he smokes so much and he says he wants the cigarettes to get him before the electric chair does”

On the movie: “Most people, killers or not, would love a movie and game created about their life. Not Kane. Look he says, I’ll be dead and my family won’t get a dime.”

Kane & Lynch: Playboy Interview/Advertisement (click to enlarge)
Kane & Lynch: Playboy Interview

Credit: Kotaku