The garage rock band has now turned into the living room rock band, and as Electronic Arts “Rock Band” approaches its release date for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on Nov. 23, reports are stating that only the bundle will be sold initially.

According to gaming site, The Bits Bytes Pixels and Sprites, the report claims that customers will only be able to purchase the Rock Band all-in-one bundle at $169, and that individual instruments won’t be available until early 2008.

Retail factors were a major role in the move.

“The components in the bundle are not cheap and thus creating a bundle and three other separate packages (guitar, drums and vocals) would increase costs which could lead to less bundles available at ship,” a Harmonix rep told The Bits Bytes Pixels. “Second, retailers weren’t overly keen on having four large packages taking up precious store space during the jam-packed holiday season. “

The Rock Band bundle includes the game, one guitar, one drum kit, and one microphone.

With the release of RedOctane’s Guitar Hero 3 on October 28th, musically inclined gamers will be treated to one hell of a rocking month. Which game will you choose?