A mysterious flash teaser site hit the web today, courtesy of Ubisoft Canada, and within hours it was causing quite a stir on gaming news site N4G, as well as several game related message boards.

The short flash teaser shows a blood covered feather slowly drifting downward towards a white surface. DNA type information flashes on the screen at two points during the feathers decent, along with the words “Nothing is true. Everything is permitted. November 14th, 2007. Be prepared …”.

Some fans believe it is hinting at a possible suprise, while others say it is just an attempt to hype up the games release date. Assuming the game ships on the 13th as expected, the date it would be available for sale in stores would most likely be the 14th.

The 14th also happens to be the same date mentioned in the teaser, which is causing a great deal of confusion and debate. Our very own, Michael Bencic, who resides in Canada forwarded me the information about the trailer this morning. However since we both looked at it and thought two different things, we decided to contact Ubisoft Canada for an official comment via email before going forward with a story about a teaser that could end up being nothing more than a way to promote the games release.

It is important to note that Michael has been working with Ubisoft Canada and his contact Katia, for some time now. He emailed her asking for clarification and she responded “lol. Can’t tell… be patient…”. Armed with an official response, be it brief, Michael and I discussed the response, the teaser, and weighed the obvious exclusions that would point to it being a release date reminder.

Having dealt with many PR firms, we believe that if it was a release date reminder, there would most likely be some sort of means to drive sales and ramp pre-orders for the game. Being that there is no “click here to pre-order the game” button leads us to believe that this is more than just a means to promote the games release. To find out what it is exactly though, we are all apparently going to need to “be patient”.