No self-respecting Guitar Hero fan should miss South Park’s take on the little plastic controllers of rock. Following in the footsteps of the Emmy-winning World of Warcraft episodes, “Guitar Queer-O” has Stan and Kyle living the rock and roll lifestyle when a talent scout discovers their high score of 100,000 points.

Soon Stan and Kyle are in the good graces of the recording industry, attending lavish parties with the greatest Colorado celebrities. But when their manager breaks them up before their big 1,000,000 point performance, Stan turns to the relaxing comfort of “Heroin Hero”.

Heroin Hero is the inevitable downside to living the high life of a Guitar Hero–it’s the ultimate first person “shooter”, where all you do is chase a big dragon that always stays out of reach. When Stan shows up wasted on Heroin Hero for his big performance, it seems like his career ends in the gutter.

The episode is filled with jokes for the GH crowd, like the way Stan’s dad tries to impress the kids by playing songs on a real guitar. Cartman’s response? “Real guitars are for old people”. In the end, the game actually berates the kids for spending so much time mastering it.

No telling if it’ll win another Emmy, but “Guitar Queer-O” shows that the guys behind South Park know their pop culture. This virtual audience was cheering.

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