Kratos is not a nice guy. His hobbies are killing barbarians, killing peasants, killing hydras, and killing his family. He digs tattoos, revenge, and bad girls. He’s every man’s hero.

But this battle-hardened Ghost of Sparta would be nothing without his weapons of choice. Without his Blades, Kratos would have just been more cannon fodder for the gods. With them, he became a god who defied Olympus itself.

Kratos used the Blades of Chaos to deliver pain to anyone stupid enough to get in his way. And there were a lot of stupid people in ancient Greece. The Blades themselves aren’t the most comfortable accessory, with them being singed to his flesh and all. But hey, doesn’t that just make them all the more badass?

Unlike many of the other weapons on this list, the Blades of Chaos are available at the start of your journey. Other weapons became available to Kratos as his quest unfolded, but none of them outshined the Blades.

Attached to a length of chain, the blades can be flung out to greet all those annoying little harpies flying around half-naked, or used as daggers for a more personal slaying. They’re perfect for any rock-climbing enthusiast who plans on scaling the smoldering cliffs of Hades, and they come in handy when extra leverage is needed in the occasional threesome.


Whether it’s interrogation, decapitation, or mutilation, the Blades of Chaos can do the job right. And not only that, but they do it in style.

What made the Blades of Chaos such a badass weapon wasn’t the Herculean warrior holding them, but the average Joe who controlled them. Few weapons can make a player feel invincible against overwhelming odds, and God of War’s fantastic controls made the Blades of Chaos one of these rarities.

The variety of the moves and combos in God of War made the Blades one of the best-designed instruments of destruction in modern gaming. Dust off that old PS2 and pop in God of War or its equally good sequel to relive the fun of a Minotaur tonsil removal.

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  1. The game is really cool game both games actually. If you guys have a third game can i please see a photo of the third game.

  2. i don't agree Kratos killed his family because Ares wanted it (i'm french sorry^^)
    and he wants to survive and vengeance against gods (bad gods) of olympus (olympe?)