For those that haven’t heard, NYU students recently conducted a poll asking other students what it would take to get them to give up their right to vote in the upcoming presidential election. Of the 3,000 students polled, 66% said they would give up their right in exchange for a full ride through college, and 22% said they would give up their right to vote in this election for an iPod. In addition, for 1 million dollars, over 70% said they would give up their right to vote forever.

This got us thinking, what would it take for you as a gamer to give up gaming for four years, the equivalent of an election period? What would it take for you to give up gaming — forever?


  1. my own island complete with my own castle full of pretty women, great food, and a genie with unlimited wishes. that should do it.

  2. The way consoles and PC gaming are turning out this generation, it wouldn’t take much to get me to stop playing video games for 4 years. All three consoles have turned out to be a disappointment in many ways. PC gaming has gone downhill as well. Amazing games ideas have spawned in the last few years, but problems with the hardware and media has reduced these potentially great games into piles of turd. Though the biggest setback in this industry has to be the audience itself. Because video games are targeted and consumed by children, teens, and basement dwellers, the hostility thrown around is overwhelming. The console and format war are great examples of this. So yeah, I firmly believe I can withstand 4 years without all of the above. Maybe when I return to the gaming scene, hardware issues will be resolved and united among companies, allowing game developers to truly create what they imagine, and a massive audience experiencing these creations with one standard, affordable, reliable, user friendly playing machine that everyone can agree on.

    Almost forgot, it would take an orange Koenigsegg CCX to stop me from enjoying amazing games such as Portal. :D

  3. I went over a year not playing games. I studied abroad and I didnt have a system of my own with me. The worst part was near the end I had a PS3 waiting at home for me. So now that I am home, I play too much. Haha. I think it was because of the lack of them before. So if I went four years, I would probably die of a VG overdose when I got back into the scene.

  4. I could easily give up online gaming without much effort. With the inclusion of voice-chat in online gaming (i.e. Xbox Live), playing games online has lowered my hopes for a “utopia-style” future. The amount of children trying out a “new word” while mom and dad are not at home seems to have exponentially increased; they have not even looked up the word to make sure they use it correctly! Then the older gamers that will just gush with rude, racist, and vile rants is just an abomination to the English language; don’t even get me started on the online cheating. And the icing on the cake was the vicious, offensive, and unprovoked attack on Jade Raymond by the gaming community. She is a smart and well-established game developer that has proved her qualifications throughout her career. So to thank her for her efforts, the gaming community punishes her because she is an attractive female. Being a gamer has now come with a similar stereotype that once graced individuals who rode motorcycles in the 1950’s; no-good hoodlums.

    There are times when I am ashamed to admit that I am a gamer; and I have been playing games since the days of Pong.

    So, I would give up video games for 4 years for 5 cases of SoBe teas (yumm…) and the guarantee that the gaming community would return to view gaming as fun and exciting, and stop acting like uncivilized, childish delinquents…

  5. After the four years they should give me all consoles/portables and games i missed. and maybe a video game developing company

  6. Cheap students…

    I would give up gaming temporarily only if I get so much money that afterwards I never would have to go to work again.

    Let’s say a cool Million?

  7. give me jessica alba and we call it even :)…

    no but seriously, give me 5 million dollars…and jessica alba. that should cover it

  8. Layla Kayleigh, 400 million dollars, and a shrink to talk me out of the evil thoughts of world domination that video games keep at bay!(insert evil super villian laugh here!)

  9. They only way I could go more than a week without playing would be if I were in a coma. Thats it. My 360 broke, I bought a new one that night.