Ever played Soupy Snatch? How about Tight Fedora Tuna? Did you ever beat Nearest to Anal? They may sound like adult flicks, but these bizarre names are actually scrambled videogame titles. Hit the jump to see the original names.

Soupy Snatch is “Psychonauts”, Tight Fedora Tuna is “Grand Theft Auto”, and Nearest to Anal is “Eternal Sonata”. And the original titles sounded so innocent!

The goons at Something Awful’s Photosrhop Phiday have come up with a two-part collection of the best photoshopped box art and anagram game titles. You’ll never look at some of your favorite games the same way.

A couple of our other favorites: “Oatmeal Nut Runner” (Unreal Tournament), “Bald Homo: Tin Money (Hitman: Blood Money), and “Cretinous Trek” (Counter Strike).

If you want to try making your own anagrams, check out the Internet Anagram Server.