There have been smidgens of review scores from PSM3’s Christmas Edition, but not so much has been seen of the news section in the magazine. And oh, there are a bunch of treats held within its pages. There’s news on Resistance 2, as well as next-gen outings of Hitman, Prince of Persia, and Syphon Filter. Carry on reading after the jump.

For those of you that missed PSM3’s review scores, this is for your benefit:

Assassins Creed – 81
Call of Duty 4 – 94
Need for Speed ProStreet – 79
Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga – 80
Beowulf – 41
The Simpsons Game – 70
Kane and Lynch: Dead Men – 58
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock – 90

Crash of the Titans – 62
Thirllville: Off the Rails – 69
Jackass: The Game – 60
Singstar R&B – 70
The Sims: Castaway – 55
High School Musical: Sing it! – 32

Silent Hill Origins – 82
SOCOM Tactical Strike – 78

A lower than expected review score for Assassin’s Creed, but make sure you come back here for our thoughts on that game next week. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, we can move onto the good stuff. Within the pages of this Christmas Edition lies nuggets of insider news. From Warhawk downloadable content, to EA working on a snowboarding game…which just might be a next-gen SSX.

However, there’s more exciting stuff. Firstly, Infinity Ward is rumored to be working on an all new IP, expected to hit in 2009. Second, a next-gen Hitman should be coming in the Summer of 2008, and thirdly Ubisoft Montreal is bringing Far Cry to the PS3 in 2008, possibly even early 2008, but at the moment they are busy working on Prince of Persia (!).

Yet, perhaps even more exciting than all of this, is the news that Insomniac is in full swing with Resistance 2. We told you a few weeks ago, based on information we received from a trusted source, that Insomniac was looking to hire game testers for the sequel, and it appears now that our source was right on.

With the games global unveiling due for early next year, Insomniac hopes to release the game late 2008. That is insane. A strong PS3 game every year without fail just shows how incredibly talented those guys at Insomniac are. At this rate Resistance 2 might even release before Metal Gear Solid 4 (I jest). Finally, the magazine states that Sony is busting their butts to have Syphon Filter ready for release on the PS3 in 2009.

So there you have it, lots of exciting things going on away from the publics eyes. Here is PSM3’s remaining insider news:

– Street Fighter 4 won’t look like the teaser trailer.
– NBA Ballers 3 in April 2008.
– Sega has selected Eurocom to develop the official 08 Beijing Olympics game.
– Lego Indiana Jones to tie in with the new movie release date.


  1. O_o…wait…Far Cry?

    Do you mean Far Cry or Crysis? I mean…Far Cry is kinda a cool game, but it’s over 4 years old and it just seems like a waste to put that game on the PS3. Especially since the graphics engine for Far Cry is so damned obsolete.

    Now, if they were going to put Crysis on PS3….THAT would be worth waiting for.

  2. Hello Ashta,

    I presume they mean Far Cry 2. I’ll do a bit of research to find out. Crysis would be good…but that’s a pipe dream (or a severely gimped Crysis).


  3. Patrick, you didn’t just grab this info off of Surfer Girl’s blog, did you? Is this insider info really in the new PSM3? Or maybe they’re the ones that got the info from Surfer Girl…

  4. WOW Prine of Persia on nex gen?!
    giving Assassins Creed only an 81, they are out of the minds! because it has nearly perfect reviews everwhere else!
    this magazine is probably hating on the middleastern setting of the game or something, and NOTHING is more exciting than a new Prince Of Persia!

    i mean ok another FPS! WOW!
    I want something innovative, POP does the job

  5. Tony and Clint. If this news was from Surfer Girl I wouldn’t have sourced the Magazine PSM3, I would have sourced Surfer Girl.

    It is very possible that PSM3 got their news from her blog, but it’s also possible that they have the same sources. Both are in a position to get insider news, and that they both got similar, if not the same, stories, it adds all the more to their reliability.

    Thanks for reading.


  6. if you are serious, then im starting to think that reviewers dont care about innovation anymore, because if everyone FPS gets high scores, and a GENIUS new game like assassins creed gets low scores, then I just dont know what to say anymore… and if you do look at other reviews, Assassins Creed did get almost perfect scores, a 9/10 or a 4.5/5
    check the cores elsewhere because 1up& IGN (personally) are bad sites

  7. MystWarrior.

    The Scores are very mixed for Assassin’s Creed. Some are 9, some are 7. It seems there is a lot right with it, but also quite a bit wrong with it. I tend to agree that we need to praise innovative games, but if it misses the mark, or promises too much, then it’s not surprising that it gets marked lower than expected.


  8. Resistance kinda left you hanging, so did R&CF: ToD, but I’ve been waiting for a sequel to R: FoM for longer than the already anticipated R&CF, so I can’t wait until 2008! So much cool stuff in ’08! Whoooo! :D