ea_sexy.jpg What’s the hottest part of the Sun– the core or the outer layer? It’s neither, actually, because Page 3 is the hottest part of the Sun.

What’s Page 3, I hear you ask? Page 3 of the English newspaper “The Sun” is famed for its topless models, and on November 27th an advertisement of the new EA game Need For Speed: Pro Street was found on Page 3.com with two topless models standing beside a Ferrari to promote EA’s latest game.

As NFS: Pro Street has a 3+ rating in Europe, sans tops is admittedly risqué for the game’s promotion. With lightning speed, parents and guardians quickly had this reported and the advertisement was removed from the site. EA also issued a statement of regret about the images, explaining that the promotion had “slipped through the proper EA approval process.”

This advertisement may be removed from the site but is spreading like wildfire across the internet. Since no parents or guardians read this site we can safely post it here.