It’s Thursday again, which means that it’s time for Sony to throw up some content on the good ol’ Playstation Store. The marquee release this week is PAIN, a game once unceremoniously touted as being thought up by a marketing department. If that doesn’t blow your skirt up, there’s plenty of DLC for your favorite Playstation 3 titles.

Despite those negative connotations, you’ve got a game that’s roughly reminiscent of Stair Dismount. Fling your little ragdoll dude out of his giant slingshot and then relish in the sounds of his torture as he slams into walls, skids across the pavement, bravely submits to gratuitous nut shots, and gets run over by a semi. It’s kind of like a Tony Hawk game without the skateboards, which means that it’s completely obnoxious. Even so, some potentially fun gameplay seems to lay underneath as you complete various challenges and combo your way to the nearest hospital. Just check out the video below, which runs through the different modes:

[youtube width=”425″ height=”335″][/youtube]

It’s all yours for an (admittedly tenuous value of) $9.99.

Otherwise, feel free to entertain yourself with a new Resistance Map Pack featuring Axebridge and Bracknell ($4.99 by itself, $7.99 bundled with the first pack), several new vehicles for Motorstorm including the Lunar-Tec Buffalo BigRig monstrosity, and fresh songs to shred to on both Guitar Hero III (Boss Battles) as well as Rock Band (Bowie Pack + Individual Songs, now how timely was my use of Jareth as a lead picture?). And how could I almost forget to mention the Oblivion expansion Shivering Isles ($29.99)?

Rounding everything out is a Timeshift multiplayer demo and a couple of inconsequential trailers. There’s still no sign of the HOME open beta or LittleBigPlanet. Granted, the year’s not out yet, but it does have us on tenterhooks. December is still hopeful for demos, though, with Burnout Paradise, Hot Shots Golf 5, and Devil May Cry4 all on track for the yule season.

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