A new update for High Stakes on the Vegas Strip (downloadable through PSN) has patched in remote play, making it the third or so title to actually take advantage of the much-hyped feature; the other two being Japanese game Mainichi Issho and Lair.

As opposed to that much-maligned dragon-riding “sim,” poker is an ideal game for remote play, considering that the inherent lag between input and action shouldn’t make that much of a difference. Just find a convenient wi-fi hotspot with your PSP after you’ve set up the connection at home and you’re off. It’s even easier now since turning your Playstation 3 on and off remotely was added in the last major firmware upgrade.

We wouldn’t necessarily recommend doing this at work, but a round or two of High Stakes couldn’t hurt while you’re sitting at the local coffee shop sipping on a macchiato.

Source: [PSP Fanboy]


  1. This is indeed a nice feature and remote play is looking more and more promising. I hope they extend this feature to other PSN games also.

  2. Apparently PixelJunk Monsters is supposed to support it, as well. Cheers to Dylan Cuthbert and co. for pushing the feature the way it was meant to be used!