Want your own BrickStation 3? Upgrade to 2.01 and hold your breath…

Starting last week, PS3 owners started reporting that their next gen console would not read their Blu-Ray discs. Some users reported that their PS3 would not even read DVDs. All reports started to come in after gamers made the upgrade to 2.01.

“I inserted Blu Ray Disc into PS3 for first time and movie appeared under video tab. It started to play and i started skipping previews and then all of a sudden screen went blank. I went back to PS3 home screen and tried ejected and inserting Blu Ray movie back into PS3 and the icon fails to appear under the video tab. I then tried DVD and that did not appear either. PS3 Games still work. Please help!”

Today when I myself tried to update my PS3 to 2.01, I was left with a half bricked PS3. What I mean by this is that I can longer use any media that resembles a severely flattened donut on my PS3. This includes cds, dvds, games, and blu-ray disks. Some of you may be familiar with the message of “Disc Unreadable/ Unrecognized”, however this does not even show up when a disc is inserted.

Tomorrow I am heading over to Best Buy to swap it out, and perhaps you should you should too if you have the best buy warranty. However, while this solution will get you back up and running quickly, you may experience the same issues again as soon as you run the firmware update.

In the past if a problem had occurred after a firmware update, Sony has researched the problem and put out a fix relatively quickly. Therefore, if you are having this problem and relate it to the 2.01 firmware update, I suggest you either ring or email Sony, or bombard their Official Playstation Blog with comments until they take notice.

This problem is only affecting a minority of Playstation 3 owners, but since it is happening to me I felt it was necessary to inform you all.

Here is a video of the problem:

[youtube width=”425″ height=”335″][/youtube]



  1. Tip for returning console. After Christmas most stores allow a “gift return”. If you’ve had your PS3 longer than 30 days, you have to mail it off. Or… get a gift return and have a brand new one the same day… you wouldn’t even need a box in most cases.

    After the 2.01 update my system slowly stopped playing disks, all kinds. 2.10 did Not fix the problem.

    Everyone needs to write or call Sony so a mishap like this does not occure again anytime soon.

    Happy Holidays to All

  2. Hey,

    Got PS3 this morning, lasted about two or three games of Fifa 08 and a DVD and now it doesnt even boot or recognise disc or show on the desktop for DVDs, Blu Rays or games.

    The same thing happened to my PSP a while back also.

    Will be swapping it tomorrow. My 12 year old brothers Xmas hasnt been too happy as its for him.

  3. I have the same problem wıth my 5 weeks old 60 GB PS3. The disc reader is not responding.All remaining works fine. I have noticed that the problematic consoles are 2-3 months old ones mostly. It looks like a general production defect on a specific production batch.

  4. After updating my PS3 to 2.10 the optical disk drive stopped working. It reads nothing. The rest of my PS3 works fine.

    I bought it off eBay so wonder whether it is possible the last guy hacked it?

    It’s been out less than a year in the UK so I am hopeful of a free replacement ( like my 360 which has been replaced once )

    I bet it is something to do with it updating the bluray firmware.

  5. @John Smithers
    Unfortunately not. The reason behind this is the same as on the PSP, so that it is harder for moders to revert to a firmware that has holes in it.

  6. I’m also one of the unfortunate people who had this happen to me
    And what sucks even more is that I only just opened the box the day before it happened! It was a Christmas present!
    Thats not all, it was imported!! So it has no warranty?
    Still not bad you say? It was 80GB!!! EXPENSIVE!!!
    Darn it Sony, please fix the issue! I’ve already lost all my save files what more will you take from me! (then again I guess I wasn’t too far in the games…but still!)
    Btw, this is not a joke nor am I trying to me funny, I am extremely annoyed and I can’t believe Sony have actually allowed this to happen.

    I’m no computer expert, but the only thing I can think of might be a regional issue, but I doubt it considering my update was from the correct region and yet it still happened to me…

  7. the whole thing is true… actually very specific.. it only happens to the 60gigs ps3, and ONLY when u update from 1.9 to 2.0 and then 2.01. . my best friend has this problem.. too bad he bought the ps3 in amazon and he lives in panama city, panama (me too xD) now he doesnt know what to do..
    im not flaming the ps3 at all.. i still believe is the best shit ever… i dont have enough money to buy one tough..

  8. This happened to me as well. when you put in a disc, nothing happens, the blue light stays on the whole time.
    I bought my PS3 on december 24th and it stopped working today(27th). I will not be updating to the new firmware when i swap it tomarrow.

  9. Sony are sending me a replacement unit. I hope it’s the UK crippled version and not the subsequently more crippled version. I hope it is new at the same time.

    Sony support asked me whether I had done the reset/format ( when I told them I had done the quick format they told me to do the 3.5 hour full reset/format ) This does not work either, so just tell support you have done the full 3.5 hour reset/format the first time and you won’t have to wait on the phone on hold for eons a second time.

  10. I have this problem, too. Well, just the BD playback anyways. any news on a fix or anything? I miss watching BD’s!!! BTW, I have a launch 20 gig.

  11. I got a 40 GB PS3 for Christmas and sure enough four days later I have the same problem. This happened before I updated the firmware so I don’t know what the problem is. Needless to say it will be exchanged tomorrow.

  12. Got 40GB for christmas, updated to 2.01 immediately, played fine until the 28th. Started getting this problem that same day. Amazon is swapping it for me.

    Wondering if this this mostly isolated to the 40GB console?

  13. I’m still pretty sure it is a regional thing. Have any of you imported your PS3 early as to egt it quicker? (as in you have a Japanese version?)
    Because as of 2.01, the ‘System Update’ automatically updates depending on the ‘Country’ selected fot your PS3 Network (*I THINK*)
    But still, this is ****ed up and how were we suppose to know?
    Mine was a 80GB when it got bricked…

  14. I encountered the same issues like everyone. I have the 40 gig + 2.10 update. I was playing cod4 and suddenly during an online match audio became distorted. After the match, it doesn’t kick me to the lobby, instead black screen and the noise of the blu-ray drive trying to read the disk. I’ve had my ps for 45 days, and just recently this problem occurred.

    I have the feeling the firmware is causing an error in the blu-ray drive functioning correctly and i sony is sending me a box to ship to them in texas for a replacement.

    I really feel that the replacement will have the same issues, it is definitely not an game or system specific error, but an firmware problem.

    It looks like error 80010514 is sony’s version of the red ring of death. What is worse is that there is so many sites reporting this, and yet when to speak to the SCEA about this issue they have no idea about it.

    Pretty bad timing for all the new ps3 owners from Christmas.

  15. same problem as sg_bullets just posted.
    Even the situation was the same, online COD4, audio distortion, then the console just doesn’t read any disk I feed into it, including the Orange box, VF5.
    sg_bullets would you please keep me updated with your situation?

  16. I just love the perverted title of this thread. It’s such a magnet for every last Xbox 3fixme fan to at least have a smidgen or at the very least, hope that something is grossly wrong with any and all PS3s. Therefore they can conjecture, lie, exaggerate it into being a problem with every PS3!

    But the truth is that if you are unlucky enough to have this problem, that someone is probably messing with a VooDoo Doll sticking pins in it seeking vindictive revenge. In another words, there just isn’t but a few isolated cases and it still keeps the Sony PS3’s failure rate well below 2% (compared to over 30% for RROD King Console)!!!

    The Wiimpy? Well it doesn’t have enough power to get out of it’s own way, let alone even have a RROD. …and if it can survive the typical 3yr “FAD” life cycle demonstrated with
    Furby’s and Beanie Babies. It’ll at least be Collectible (WoW, only two more years to go)!!!

    I feel sorry for those that seem to have the mis-fortune of this happening. But you won’t catch me crying or cajoling with known Sony PS3 haters to make this story any bigger than a mosquito bite on the History of the PS3! But still some Losers (some of them here who don’t really own a PS3) attempting to discredit the console that over it’s 2 to 3 times lifespan of other consoles (over 10 years), will not only PS3-Peat, but will outplay every new console well after the Wiimpy and Xbox 3fixme are in their grave!!! May your POS consoles “Rest in Pieces”!!! hehe

  17. SONY sent me a replacement – although I am unsure whether to update it to 2.1 again.
    It will probably be fine though.

    Also ( I do have a 360 as well and have replaced that once – Microsoft sent me a box to put it into and kept it for 2 weeks before sending me a different unit with my faceplate back, Sony did an on site immediate swap about 3 days after calling )

  18. jay:

    update on my situation so far is that i am still waiting for my box for replacement/repair. I’ve been reading up on the forums and it seems that it is happening to alot of other owners.

    Worst part is that it looks like due to the high rise of repair requests the length of time to receive the unit back is being pushed long, some as long as 3 weeks.

    I think this entire fiasco is stemming from the firmware update from 2.0 to 2.01 to 2.1. So, hopefully when i get my new/refurb’d ps3 that a direct update to 2.1 will solve all problems and avoid any problems.

  19. Thank you sg_bullets.

    I might get lucky.
    I bought my 40gig unit on on 12/1.
    Although Gamestop has a more-than-30-days no-return policy, even for defective item, customer service told me because of Christmas holidays, this 30-days period is extended if you bought your stuff after November.

    So today I went to a Gamestop store and had my unit replaced with a new one, no hassle.

    I just need it for ten more days before my semester begins. If the problem happened again during the semester, I don’t mind if it takes longer for Sony to repair it.
    But I still hope Sony could be responsible to carry out a fix for this problem since many people affected.

    Good luck everyone!

  20. Still no box from Sony. I just want to play cod4, but i’ve been hearing that cod4 online play is a total disaster lately. So, I’m not as bummed.

    ps3’s dying is one thing. cod4 online gameplay, that’s a whole other disaster. Damn you Infinity Ward, get some better servers. Hopefully i get my ps3 back before Battlefield and SOCOM is released!!!

  21. i got my ps3 for christmas and it stopped readin anything i put into it 2 days ago. i dont know what update version im on but symptoms are the same as described below. complete pain in the bollox its giving me.

    has everyone else brought it back to sony or the shop where they bought it?

  22. I have the problem and the playstation support team is not giving me any solutions. I bought my system while i was abroad thinking its rgion free so what the hell. but now my warrantee is only working in japan and north american sony won’t do fuck all for me. so this article is 100%. i had the problem right after i updated the system.

  23. Well, ladies and gents I dont care about sony or microsoft. I only care that I can play what ever media I buy on the consoles. I own a psp a ps1 a ps2 a ps3, I also own a xbox and a Wii( only 1 Caped) so like I said no follower of any company. As long as the product is good then Im happy. The comment about the Japs doing it right, well they lost the war so go figure. My point is My Ps3 will no longer play DVD Blu Ray or games or any disc of any type I paid money for it to do. ALLLL my friends that have a 360 has had to return or get it repaired, (first release) but again I dont care about brands.To all the sony drones Ill say this dont you remember when it was released all the stores or close to it stopped demoing it because they froze. OHH sony dont wory your Zealets will march to any broken tune you sing. I am currently in the process of sending them mine and getting a new one. If it turns out satisfactory then good but we will see. If you check the web cetian models have a 40% failure rate. So when you want to belittle some one for sharing a problem they had try seeing if its real first instead of crying about some one being unfair to a multi million dollar CORPORATION WHO DONT CARE ABOUT YOU ESPESIALY AMERICANS. Sorry fro mis spelled word my Masters was in basket weaving so I could join the airfoce as an Officer.

  24. Hi,
    I’ve recently purchased a 60GB console from online auction. It is an imported one and I am using it in New Zealan (PAL). It was working fine until I decided to update from 1.6 or something to 2.10 when I found out that you were supposed to update the firmware. I throughly enjoyed playing for 2 days… Then the same problem happened to me after successfully reading discs a couple of times. Now a little circle keeps going round and nothing happens. The cosole is not covered by warranty. I’ve just emailed the PS3 New Zealand support hoping that they can come to the rescue. I’ve taken my console to “Sony Service Agent” but turned out to be a costly mistake. money went out, produced no results (was a friendly service though). I wonder if anybody’s found a work-around for this? By the way, I even tried 2.17 that’s just come out. still the same problem…

  25. Yep, mines dead too, after installing 2.17 I played about an hour of Eye of Judgment before the game crashed and after rebooting the PS3 won’t read discs of any kind. I am well annoyed because my PS3 is from the UK and I am working in S. Korea for the next year or so and Sony say they will not replace it until I am back in the UK. Nice one Sony,If it was bought in Korea you’de replace it so why not just take it back and give me a Korean PS3, thank for your great customer service.

  26. its not hard, work out if you have 40gb 60gb or whatever else there is! if you have the 40gb dont download 2.01 simple i dont know why just dont do it or you’ll be moaning like these lot! dont know solution either i guess just wait its not that important an update. if you have the 40gb trade up i dont know the ins and outs but a lot of what ive read 40gb ps3’s tend to be the problem! hense the reason most of you got it free with a phone or summat! cheapskate!

  27. Xbox has better games, where is your bioshock? Crackdown?
    Gears of War? NHL 08 is really choppy on the PS3 as well, I have both, and I could care less about the blu ray at the moment, I agree it sucks that the 360s break alot, but I feel it is a better system in terms of games, and that is what i buy a video game console for, not watching movies. Another plus for the PS3 is the free online, that is rather sweet i must say, but I had the PS3 since Xmas and now i have this Hard Disk problem, apparently i have to remove the HD and format it, losing all of my saves, I Know i should have backed it all up, but i was under the impression that these things were of amazing quality and have no problems. Wish it had better games, resistance was a letdown for me, uncharted was too short, I need some God of War.

  28. Have you played Unreal 3? Outside of the fact it’s made by Epic (gears of war), the fact you can upload maps FREE makes it the death of all FPS. COD4? it’s got the map shipment. Halo? Warlock and lockout. Does the 360 have it? No. And when they do, there will be no user created content. UT3 is better than the three games you mentioned (opinion).

  29. yup, your right same thing happened to me. i doubt its the update, its probably an internal error. i didnt keep the receipt so my ps3 is a brick now and im out 500bucks

  30. Yeah I have the same problem too it’s not a f***ing scam like the first two idiots suggested. However I have discovered that it is an internal problem, and by tweaking the reading lens just a tad it fixes it. Sadly it’s either that or having a brick.

  31. I’ve had my 60GB console for 8 months now.
    Last week… I bought GTAIV which requested that I update my system from 1.43 that was working perfectly to 2.01.
    I complied.

    In the first few days everything seemed normal.
    after that … my console went crazy:

    1. PS button no longer starts the console.
    2. Almost all games that I have freeze on startup. And sometimes -if I made it- during a game, the game starts acting crazy (esp GTA).. the adapter malfunctions and the game freezes.
    3. When I restart the machine right after it froze … I often get an error message telling me that something went wrong, and the disc content cannot be loaded.

    Can someone tell me what the hell is going on? Did I manage to ruin my machine somehow? or is that all the 2.01 firmware work?

  32. oooh Sounds like you have a raging case of the Gremlins,should have followed the directions the old man wrote down in the book that came with your system. Only thing you can do now is hide in your microwave.

  33. dude it happened to me too. not cool. AT ALL especially since it broke on me after i just started playing Metal Gear Solid 4. WTF!!

  34. Well it just happened 2 my friend……well its ur fault really,think about it, it clearly says don’t mess with it while its updating….things just dont break on its own know…..u did something wrong.

  35. It happened to mine after the 2.41 update in aug 08 exactly the same as yours, wouldn’t play dvd’s or games, but would play games that were on my hard drive, then they sent me a ps3 with a supersonic fan that was always on and you couldn’t hear anything else in the room, now on my third and everything is fine, super quiet even after 8 hours. It’s not a scam, it happens, and i didn’t do anything while it was updating, and it happened straight after the update, but all this considered i still wouldn’t swap it for a red ring piece of crap xbox 360

  36. am no 360 fan i got a ps3 and mines does the same thing, i still got couple of weeks left while i can still replace my ps3 so i might be lucky and get a new one.

  37. My second PS3 just died, same thing as before. The funny thing is I hardly ever use it and it just died. My launch 360 was replaced once, I’m on my third PS3 in a year.

  38. This recently happened to me in France, and the store is saying they want 200 Euros for the repair! Apparently, regardless of what the issue is with a malfunctioning PS3, they charge a flat-fee for the repair. The machine was 3 months out of guarantee.

    I like Sony products, but this has made me a very, very upset customer.