Got a few hundred dollars laying around? Wishing to enlarge that gamer heart of yours, three times too small? Why not donate that cash to the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles? If generosity isn’t enough to crack the ice around your ticker, how about a chance to play Sony Santa Monica’s “Unannounced Title?”

Of course, I think we all know that probably means God of War 3. In addition to testing a portion of the game before just about anybody else does, you and a friend get to spend a day touring the famed development studio, as well as having some face time with key staff members. Visit to Disneyland with Kratos not included.

If you’re interested in placing a bid, though (it’s currently at $375), you can head over to the entry on Charity Folks. The auction ends on December 5th, so donate as soon as possible! Just think of how happy you’ve made some needy kids the next time you rip a minotaur’s head off!