In the future, wars will be fought not with plasma cannons and energy swords, but with tiny spaceships made out of paper and glue. So what if humankind ultimately loses the war? Our cute paper armadas will charm every alien life form in the galaxy.

At least, that’s the thinking behind Master Chief’s latest artistic endeavor, the Paper Pelican Dropship. I personally am terrible at these kinds of crafts–my Snake in a Box ended up looking like a wad of spitballs by the time I was “done”.


Still, a little careful crafting might be the perfect way to win over the Halo fan in your life for the holidays, especially if the stores are all closed on Christmas Eve, or you’re snowed into your winter cabin with nothing to do to pass the time except fold and glue paper. Stave off cabin fever and “the crazies” for long enough and maybe these little paper marines will fly in and save you.

Source: Paperkraft