xbox_arcade_en_2ds-copy.jpg Can you get an Xbox 360 Cheaper than a Wii in the United Kingdom? Yes sir, and it can even be an Xbox 360 Arcade with a wireless controller, HDMI connection and five arcade games; PAC-MAN Championship Edition, Uno, Luxor 2, Boom Boom Rocket, and Feeding Frenzy.

All this for only £149.99 at Gamestation. Must be an offer for a limited time, but they also offer the Xbox 360 Arcade plus any other game for £169.99. Or even an Xbox 360 Arcade plus Viva Piniata, Forza 2 and another Wireless Controller for the same £169.99

There is a catch though, and a big one. Without a Hard Drive in the Xbox 360 Arcade, you’re going to struggle enjoying all its capabilities. You really do need a Hard Drive, and those cost around £65 for 20GB or £120 for 120GB. That turns a good deal quite sour.

Microsoft have moved their holiday strategies to the UK, but don’t think the competition isn’t watching.