An official Xbox Community Developer on Xbox Live Nation has released some very interesting new Gamercards using new Microsoft software.

The Gamercards are powered by Microsoft’s Silverlight; a flash like technology powered via API web services, where the dynamic data is generated by a php engine.

Overall these new gamercards look pretty sweet, and even check gamestatus/gamerscore in real time, furthering interactivity. This is just one example of how Silverlight can be used, since it will evolve in the coming years to create even more impressive Gamercards.

Here is the disjointed announcement by an Xbox Community Developer:

After some major programming hours I’m proud to announce that we now feature Silverlight based Gamercards.

Silverlight is a flash-like technology from Microsoft.

The xln cards are rendered using our own API web services and the dynamic data is generated by a php engine.

The overall architecture is quite complex but it works.

The cards can be seen in our forums.

This is in beta so please report any errors.

Via Stonyarc of XLN