Following up on a story that our own Patrick Steen reported on earlier in the week, the British Board of Film Classification has successfully halted – yet again – the release of Manhunt 2 in the UK.

Folks following the story know that Rockstar appealed the gruesome sequel’s initial ban earlier this year, only to have their hopes shot down more than once. Early on in December, when Rockstar finally got the Video Appeals Committee to approve the game’s release, it looked as if Manhunt 2 might see the light of day.

That fantasy was short lived, however, as the BBFC successfully appealed that decision and won the right to fight the game in the High Court. The censors argued that the Video Appeals Committee approved the game’s release on a misinterpretation of the law. The judge agreed, granted their appeal, and halted the VAC’s decision to release the game. A hearing will take place before the end of January of next year.

Just when gamers were getting excited, all of that excitement gets beheaded like an escaped mental patient beheading an asylum guard. While it’s not exactly square one, Manhunt 2 still has a long battle ahead of itself.

Via BBC News