I’m a simple man. I hail from a small town, I do my grocery shopping at a small ma and pa store, and I’m perfectly happy with an analog stick that allows for eight directions. Such isn’t the case with one NiGHTS fan, however.

MobiusPigeon of the NeoGAF forums was sick and tired of Nintendo’s somewhat-but-not-really restrictive analog stick on the Wii’s nunchuk attachment and decided to do something about it. Looking to recreate the freedom that the Saturn enabled in the original NiGHTS, this fanatic individual took apart the nunchuk’s casing and went at it with a grinding stone, grinding away the all of the rules and laws that keep order in the gaming world.

Result? Success! While I for one have never encountered a problem with the analog stick, MobiusPigeon apparently did, so kudos to him for being a problem solver. Anybody who’s interested in modding their nunchuks can check out his post at the NeoGAF forums. It’s not very detailed, but it gives you an idea of what to do. Also, he seems to post regularly, so I’m sure he’d answer any questions. Good luck!

Via NeoGAF


  1. Oh man, good catch. The NiGHTS sequel was originally intended for Dreamcast. That’s where I got confused. Thanks for pointing that out.