playtv_sonybrandenvironment1.jpg have got their web pigeons flying at double quick speed, most likely because they are fed on the fruit off grape vines. First Haze is given a January release date, and now Play TV is priced and dated for Europe.

The Official Playstation Magazine placed Play TV at a guesstimate price of £70 and a loose release date of between January and April 2008. have solidified the price to 154.99 Euro’s and provided its shoppers with a release date of 28th March next year.

Whether this is a typical retailers approximation designed to generate pre-orders, or an unofficial confirmation from Sony to is anyone’s guess. But it sounds about right.


  1. Komp – PlayTV is essentially a freeview box for the PS3 and digital recorder. The RF input is needed for the channels to be recieved and there are no HD channels on Freeview (as yet although there has been talk of the new BBC HD service launching on freeview but not until more of the spectrum becomes available.)

    reckless – I agree. Most freeview recorders are around £100-£150 but this one has no hard drive as it is already in the PS3 meaning the production cost should be lower. £60 would make more sense.