I gave in to my nerdish fetish and bought “YU-GI-OH: World Championship 2008.” Since I haven’t played the game for nearly a decade I decided to jump in feet first.

I modified my hair and my jacket then hopped into a ranked game with my starter deck. Once in, I continued to get my deck handed to me over and over again. I switched from Ranked to Practice Duel — same story different setting. I want to say that somewhere around 10 or 15 losses that in, I realized that I may be better off playing against the AI instead.

So I entered into the new “Duel World,” and began working my way through each NPC to gain what I thought, was enough Duelist Points to
buy the booster packs needed to buff up my deck above noob status, and immediately went online.

After several hours of deck whooping I realized why I stopped playing the original CCG — I suck.

That said, if you like the CCG games and the previous Yu-gi-oh games, then you probably already own YU-GI-OH: World Championship 2008.

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