A Steampunk Version of Sam Fisher’s Goggles

Fans of the old Commodore 64 classic Impossible Mission might be interested in the new DS version, available now exclusively at Gamestop stores.

In Impossible Mission, you play as an unarmed spy trying to foil the plot of criminal genius Professor Elvin Atombender. The name Elvin Atombender should be enough to justify the $10 price tag on this baby.

The object of the game was to make your way through the Professor’s fortress, looking for puzzle pieces and trying to stay alive amidst various traps and evil robots. The premise sounds like standard platform puzzler fare, but the hook comes in the randomly generated content. Each time you play, the rooms are different and the robots all have different abilities.

As well as being available for Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, Playstation 2 and Nintendo Wii versions are also in the works, yet no specific release date has been announced sinced missing their August and September release dates in Europe.

Via Go Nintendo