That’s right folks, they’re even changing the shape of Banjo’s nose

Over on Rare Witch Project, Banjo’s creative director Greg Mayles has given a mini-interview on how the next installment of their cult platformer is shaping up. The short answer is he’s packing light.

While Mayles hasn’t revealed anything concrete, there are clearly some changes underway. Ok, that’s not a massive surprise since the 360 crowd probably aren’t the ones lying awake at night reminiscing about the glory days of the N64 – but he doesn’t appear to be holding much sacred. In fact, the only thing confirmed as being kept in is Grunty’s ridiculous rhyming.

Among other things, Jiggys will be found and used differently, while multiplayer will see a shift away from the party game vein of Banjo-Tooie. Bigger though are his coy plans for the new gameplay – all Mayles says on the matter is: “Let’s just say you certainly won’t have seen it in a Banjo game!”

Thing is, the success of Banjo was never about being groundbreaking – most of it was an extension of Mario 64 anyway – but instead rested in the fact it was a simple format on an huge scale with a massive amount of polish. We can only hope that these flashes of genius won’t obliterate that.

Still, we feel skeptical about this statement from Mayles: “Don’t worry, we may be introducing something different to the Banjo universe but this remains a Banjo game.”