Now I hate stupid console flame wars more than anybody, but I still like to check out the stats and see just how well everything sold here in the US. Maybe you do, too?

It should come as a surprise to no one that the Nintendo Wii came out on top this holiday season. Nintendo’s reign of terror culminated in 1,176,232 hardware sales and 6,721,628 software sales.

The Xbox 360 wasn’t that far behind with 976,139 hardware sales and actually took a small lead in software sales with 6,881,438.

The Playstation 3, although in somewhat of a distant third, received a sales boost thanks to price drops and ended up with 588,982 hardware sales which in turn led to software sales of 2,552,099.

Via Bitbag, Video Game Chartz


  1. I remember Peter Moore said at E3 2006, that the console war would be decided at christmas of 2007.

    I remember thinking, yeah “yeah it will come down to the PS3 and the Xbox. man i hope the xbox can pull out the victory.”

    man, it’s crazy how things have turned out. Wii out sells both and the console war is far from decided.

  2. If you’re interested, world wide sales for the week ending 22nd Decmeber were:

    Wii 1,457,872
    PS3 619,388
    Xbox360 594,520

    Second and third is close…but the Wii slaughters its way to first place.