Some artwork depicting Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII Versus characters has made its way on to the web. Whether or not the art is the work of an individual within Square-Enix, or that of a talented illustrator/fan of the series is unclear.

Regardless, enjoy the art after the jump, and if you have any information that can help clarify the origin of the art, feel free to drop me a line.










Source: Ruliweb


  1. I like the characters shown so far. In the past few Final Fantasy games the main character has been very feminine. It was almost embarrassing to play as Vaan due to his figure and choice of clothing. At least in this case the feminine character is actually female.

  2. Not bad…I like it =), it kind of makes me a bit more speculative about Final Fantasy Versus XIII since there were some characters shown – there’s some blonde guy that looks like the main character “Storm” (not too sure about the name) – but I’m guessing he’s bad since he reminds me of Vossler from FFXII. There’s some guy with glasses who looks like a good friend of “Storm” and another guy next to the guy with the glasses who I’m not too sure of. Pretty cool though even if it’s not done by Square Enix.

  3. These look good, but they don’t look quite like the other artwork that SE has produced for the FF series. There’s just something about the way it’s colored and drawn, especially in the last picture (look at the face: it looks VERY young) that leads me to believe this may not be official artwork. I’m not saying for sure it’s not, but I have my doubts.