mario_gbook.jpgEver wanted to know the fastest completion of Super Mario World or the highest score in Tetris? Well soon you will be able to, with the newly announced Guinness Book of Gaming Records.

Just before the book is launched on February 8th, the organisers are planning a world wide Guitar Hero 3 Marathon Relay to take place on the 6th. The event which crosses between 6 cities spread around the globe will give participants “the chance to rock with Guitar Hero for one song before passing on to the next player for the most exciting record breaking event of the year!”.

The book’s editor Keith Pullin said, in regard to the benefit to retailers who stock the book, that “it creates great opportunities for holding exciting record-breaking events in-store”. I’m excited not only at the prospect of the vast amounts of useless trivia this book can teach me, but also at the fact I will finally get recognition for my playing of DDR whilst juggling the largest number of kittens in the world.

For more information on the launch event, or if you want to suggest your own record, head over to the official website.

Source: MCV