Circuit City is running a sale all week in which you can pick up some new games for the ultra-cheap price of $8.96. The advertisements only list a handful of games, but there is a ton more if you know where to look. Circuit City’s goal is, of course, to get you to come into their store. If they told you ALL of the games that were on sale, you might not have a reason to. But worry not!

VideoGamePlayerz has the full list of goods on their site – about 300 or so titles.*

There are actually some decent games on there, like Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland, Tiger Woods 2006 and 2007, Chromehounds, Condemned, Phoenix Wright, and an ass-ton of PS2 games.

While advertising for Circuit City makes me feel sorta dirty, if gamers can get games for cheap, it’s worth shouting it from the rooftops.

Obviously, the titles available vary by store, it might be good to call before you waste a trip. After all, gas is, like, $12 a gallon these days.

Totally not worth it

*At this moment in time VideoGamePlayerz is down after too much traffic. Hopefully it’ll be up again soon.


  1. I don’t think the deal is available through I’m pretty sure you have to go to an actual brick-and-mortar store to get whatever cheap games they have left in stock..

  2. Kinda sweet.

    I’m torn because I don’t shop at that money stealing store. Terrible return policy, and they’re jerks about it. Second only to Gamestop.

    Although, It’s too good of a deal to not take advantage. If they have something coo.

  3. I just went into the store tonight, and I found no evidence of this sale anywhere in the store. I checked the entire rack of games. SOO either this sale is hidden and not marked on the items themselves, or totally bogus.

  4. It’s not bogus, cuz I just went to and checked the local flyer or circular or whatever they’re called. It was posted right there. $8.96!

    You said you saw no evidence? Did you ask anyone…hm?