Nvidia and Valve have joined forces and to kick it off they’re handing out exclusive games to Nvidia users.

If you use Nvidia, you can download Portal: First Slice, a Peggle Extreme demo, Half-Life 2 Deathmatch, and Half Life 2: Lost Coast for free via Valve’s distribution service, steam.

In a statement from Valve’s VP of marketing, Doug Lombardi said:

“More Steam gamers, including myself, play on NVIDIA hardware than any other GPU. That’s a testament to the company’s long history of innovation and quality. By working together with NVIDIA to expand our development, distribution, and marketing efforts, we’re increasing our ability to serve the millions of NVIDIA customers logging onto Steam and help us prepare for our next generation of content.”

Roy Taylor, Nvidia’s VP of content relations, gave a nice little “right back ‘atcha” with:

“Valve’s endorsement of our technology and tools is yet another example of how the world’s leading gaming companies are working with NVIDIA. Portal is the hottest new, award-winning title from Valve, and we’re delighted that Valve will offer First Slice exclusively to GeForce customers.”

For those of you who have already beaten Portal, Portal: First Slice is simply a demo of the game which encompasses the first ten levels. The Peggle Extreme demo is a lot of fun, even if you’ve already played Peggle, due to its hilarious “twist” using Valve properties. Half-Life 2 Deathmatch is arguably the sweetest offering, given that it’s a $10 value. Finally, Lost Coast is a fun – albeit short – little ride, but it’s already free to those who own Half Life 2.

All in all, it’s nothing mind-blowing, but free is free. Go here to claim your games.

Via GameIndustry