Not an actual scan from this month’s Nintendo Power

Towards the end of this month’s Nintendo Power, the fine folks over at that publication teased us by saying “Next month’s cover story is an RPG so fantastic, so engrossing, so epic, and so hush-hush that we’d have to erase your memories if we told you what it is. In fact, maybe we already did. Role-playing fans, get ready for a big one.” What could it be?

Alright, let’s break this down. It’s coming from Nintendo Power so obviously it’s on either the DS or Wii. I’m speculating it’s for the DS, as they have already sold a metric fuck-ton of them: 65.64 million compared to the Wii’s respectable 19.72 million.

Thanks VGChartz!

As for the game itself, depending on how hyperbolic Nintendo Power regularly gets, this could be anything from a Final Fantasy V remake (that we already know is eventually coming), or something that we shouldn’t hold our breath for, like a remake of Final Fantasy VII, Chrono Trigger, or a brand new iteration of Golden Sun.

It’s possible that I’m reading too much into it, but maybe it has something to do with a character and their memory, “we’d have to erase your memories if we told you what it is.”

It’s still a month away and I hate waiting, but as NeoGAF user ‘duckroll’ reminded me, within that month there are 4 issues of Famitsu and 3 issues of Jump. Anyone want to teach me Japanese?

Source: Nintendo Power and NeoGAF


  1. If I had to guess it might be the first real report on the Sonic RPG Bethesida is developing for the DS. I’m actually hoping it’s something Earthbound related though.

  2. No, it wasn’t that. The BioWare game was already announced and this specific issue they had an information overload on the Sonic RPG.

    I’m personally holding my breathe for Final Fantasy VII. I know, I know “Way to make a stand!”

    It’s just for personal reasons, either that or Chrono Trigger.

  3. Considering it’s Nintendo, it’s probably another mediocre Square game.

    It’s not 1998 therefore no one should care in the slightest about anything Square makes.

    Nintendo hasn’t had a real RPG in a long, long time. Boring menu-driven combat with a dull story with cliche twist after twist was nifty before games like Fallout or Mass Effect, but people expect more now.