fs3_dvilla02-titlecopy.jpg This week brings us the hilarious visuals and gameplay of Fifa Street 3, new Motorstorm tracks, and a dinosaur demo, even though people said it wouldn’t come to the PS3 until February

US Playstation Store Update:

Mesmerize: Trace (PS Eye Required) – $1.99
Tori-Emaki (PS Eye Required) – $1.99
Turok Demo
FIFA Street 3 Demo

Downloadable Content:
MotorStorm Double Track Pack – Eagle’s Nest and Diamondback Speedway track pack – $2.99

Rock Band:
Individual Songs – $1.99 each:
Sweet – “Action” (Cover)
The Monkees – “Last Train to Clarksville” (Cover)
Blink-182 – “All the Small Things” (Master)

Blast Factor Bundle – $12.99 (includes game, MP and AR expansions)

Borderlands – “Debut”
Brothers In Arms Hell’s Highway
Dynasty Warriors 6
Lost Planet
PixelJunk Monsters
Syphon Filter: Combat Ops

Call of Duty 4 theme
Mesmerize theme
PAIN Ed T-Bone theme
PAIN Ice Tea theme
Tori-Emaki theme

European Playstation Store Update:

FIFA Street 3 Demo
NBA ’08 Demo

Downloadable Content:
Folklore- Visions of the tower – £1.49/€1.99

Guitar Heros III:
Warner Track Pack – £3.99/€5.99 for the pack or £1.49/€1.99 each
-Die Fantastischen Vier – “Ernten Was Wir Saen”
-Extremoduro – “So Payaso”
-Trust – “Antisocial”

Brothers In Arms Hell’s Highway
GT5 Prologue

Call of Duty 4 theme

Source: Playstation Store


  1. No issue in calling us out on this one guys – please read the update to the Turok story by following the link to PS3 Attitude – there is further clarification there…

  2. Sony must really hate Europe. Every week is the same, far less content than the US store. Oh well, time to set up a US account. I wanna kill dinosaurs!!!

    And when the hell are we getting PAIN????? Not to seem masochistic or anything, but gimme PAIN!

    Despite the grumbles, it’s pleasing that we even get informed about the EU updates. Kudos ripten, you’re the only site I’ve found that does!

  3. Dolph: I wasn’t particularly calling you out, but providing a link to a website that said Turok wouldn’t come until February. There were three – you were the one I picked. Sorry for that.

    Scott: Well I hope you have a US account so you can get all the US demos. I even get the US games… But thanks for the compliment, that’s what you get for a website that has UK and US editors. Spread the word : )

  4. Don’t worry about it Patrick. We were the ones who originated the story anyhow – the others just followed suit! :-)

    We’ve learnt how to ask a few more questions when we’re talking to publishers, so it’s a good lesson learnt.

    We should link up anyhow – you’ve got a great site here.

  5. turok demo didn’t look too great for me, really liked the gameplay though, nice knife and dodging systems…but the graphics just looks like another shooter

    anyone know when the psp game downloads (like on the US store; ape quest, socom etc.) will be finding its way to Europe

  6. @ Scott:

    If you mean the PC-based PlayStation Store, it’s been in Europe for a while now – just go to http://store.playstation.com and select your country.

    The neat thing is it links to your PS3 account so you can manage your PS3 wallet/account from the PC. You can also see your entire download list across the PS3 and PSP.