dspspking.jpg So close.


Website Media Create (only the console names are in English – scroll down to see the numbers) has recently posted the latest hardware data out of Japan and the Sony PSP is trailing behind the Nintendo DS Lite by a mere 1,210 units.

That’s a huge comeback for Sony, seeing as how the PSP was trailing behind some 40,000 units less than a month ago. At this rate, we may very well see Sony take the portable gaming crown.

The complete list is as follows:

DS Lite – 97,369
PSP – 96,159
Wii – 84,530
PlayStation 3 – 38,907
PlayStation 2 – 14,499
Xbox 360 – 4,690

Via Next Generation


  1. DS have nothing to worry about, they have sold 12 million more in Japan alone, that’s more than 2 DSs to every 1 PSP. The DS is still outselling the PSP, which I don’t see changing any time soon.

  2. very good news…if they initialise the PSN store direct to PSP thing in japan like in the US i can imagine sales will jump higher also :D

    poor xbox though, still not standing a change in japan

  3. I really don’t expect the PSP to outsell the DS at any point, I was just pointing out that if Sony can start selling more units (which it looks like they might) and sustain that, things might get shaken up.

  4. With games like BEATS then the PSP should continue to do well, Sony just needs to pormote it alot more, BEATS that is, and let the public know what the PSP can do with music, movies and games. All I ever see is Wii and DS adds, every single freakin day.