As if Wii owners weren’t already getting a sweet deal with the new Star Wars game, The Force Unleashed, apparently they will now also get 5 extra levels exclusive to the Nintendo console. Aren’t motion-sensing lightsaber controls enough for you?

Krome Studios, developer of the Wii version, said in an interview:

On the Wii we have places where the story veers off and we go and explore something, take the game in a different direction, like the Jedi Temple level.

This may be just another way for Krome Studios to differentiate its game from the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game, which are both being developed internally by LucasArts. While LucasArts may have the better-looking games, perhaps Krome’s Wii version will have them beat when it comes to gameplay. We’ll let you know in about six months or so when the game finally releases.

Source: TVG