Tom and Eli anxiously await the almighty EA Super Bowl prediction

We received a press release today from Electronic Arts, announcing their official prediction for this years Super Bowl, featuring the 18-0 New England Patriots and the New York Football Giants.

Lead by quarterback Eli Manning, the surging Giants aim to end the Patriots quest for a perfect 19-0 season, and take home the Lombardi Trophy in the process. However, Tom “Terrific” Brady and his talented squad of receivers see a different outcome.

EA’s predicted winner is decided using their Madden 08 simulation engine which of course takes into consideration each teams current roster, injuries, and statistics. We seriously considered including the full video in the post, and we would have had it offered any real value to you. However it is front loaded with touchdown highlights and to make it worst, replays of those highlights. There is no commentary, and the lack of stadium noise would almost certainly put you to sleep by the midway point.

There was however one glowing highlight that showcases the realism that EA prides themselves with. It happened in what I can only believe to be garbage time, since the video not once shows a scoreboard or any measurement of time for that matter, and involves a late interception thrown by Eli Manning. Asante Samuel picks off the pass and begins weaving his way through defenders only to be knocked on his ass by none other than Eli himself.

We have the clip of little brother Manning laying the smack down for you below, and we even went as far as to include a few seconds of EA’s glorious finale … a camera that pans around the stadium to the faint sound of what sounds like five to ten people max celebrating a three year old blowing out all the candles on her birthday cake.

[flv width=”440″ height=”247″][/flv]

EA did include a lovely run down of the games simulation, however you would never be able to relate any of it to the video they provided. In short, the game starts off close, pulls away late in the third, with one team making a valiant effort in the fourth, only to fall short. The final score according to EA’s uber accurate and always entertaining Madden simulation is … Patriots 38, Giants 30.

If you aren’t a big fan of EA’s predicted outcome, you are more than welcome to witness the real deal, as Super Bowl XLII kicks off Sunday, February 3rd at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Here’s to hoping the team you want wins, and the Super Bowl commercials don’t suck. And EA, please get your shit together, or release the NFL license so fans of the sport can finally get back to enjoying its videogame counterpart.


  1. Well i watched the game and Samuel was never a factor in the Patriots loss. lol. . . sorry landis, consider your predictions shattered. Giants Rule